How Leftists Have Wrecked California

California used to be a great state. Now, many of its cities are full of homeless encampments and its small businesses are shuttered. Families are leaving for other states and the California dream is all but dead.

With Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom facing a recall vote to boot him from office on Sept. 14, it’s worth asking what happened to ruin California? The answer in a word? Liberals.

California’s Collapse

The situation in California is worse than many people realize. Sure, there is still tons of natural beauty and many wonderful upscale neighborhoods and tourist sites…but the state is not doing well.

Even imagining that the liberal governor could face a recall would have been laughed at a few years ago, but now he is doing just that.

California has plenty of wealthy people, but they tend to be very liberal. Unlike their rhetoric, they don’t like to spread that money around much. Prior to COVID-19, California already had the biggest wealth inequality between the working class and upper class.

Now, it’s second in the nation for unemployment. Newsom likes to go to his Pride parades and talk about his big progressive values; yet, at the end of the day, what Newsom represents is a small elite of moneyed leftists in San Francisco who want him to keep things the same.

He also has many rich backers in the tech field who keep him rolling in dough so he’ll keep handing them favors. Meanwhile, ordinary Californians can barely afford a place to live and don’t feel safe on their city streets.

This is something that conservative challenger Larry Elder wants to change.

Newsom’s Lies

Whenever he’s asked what’s up with California, Newsom just points to the tech sector and its growth. He doesn’t pay attention to the struggle of his state’s middle class for one simple reason; Newsom’s not in the middle class and he’s a selfish idiot who only cares about himself.

Newsom benefits from a state with all sorts of rules that harm workers. Many come from “green energy” rules that make it very hard to build houses, get projects done and do manual labor.

This gives less jobs for workers, many of whom had to leave the state or change their skillsets. It’s also put the price of homes way up, driving homelessness.

Meanwhile, instead of going up, wages for working Californians have gone down, averaging at $40,000 per year. That will not get you a decent house and enough food to eat in California; it certainly won’t let you save anything.

Newsom is on the Fence

Newsom may not be recalled, but what he represents is increasingly hated. The liberal big tech and financial elite against the rest of us. That’s the reality, and people are not impressed.