How Biden Got Fooled and Unintentionally Helped Putin Invade Ukraine

Joe Biden came into office on a promise of unifying America, beating COVID, and rebuilding our strength internationally.

He said President Trump shredded our alliances with Europe and other partners and that America was in danger of isolating itself from the world in a dangerous way.

Now, we have lost Afghanistan after Biden’s betrayal and turnover of the nation to the Taliban last summer. We also are in the process of day four of a large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

However, the worst thing is that Biden is partly responsible for what happened. Here’s why:

Biden Leaked Intelligence to Russia

Joe Biden is not an intelligent man. Unfortunately, however, he is president.

That gives him enormous latitude in his decisions and executive power. As we’ve seen, that includes his early decisions in office to cut down our domestic energy industry and open our southern border.

Biden made America more reliant on foreign oil, which empowers Vladimir Putin, but he also did something incredibly stupid while trying to put a stop to the Russian leader’s invasion plans of Ukraine.

Reports are now coming out that Biden told China to help stop Russia and talk them out of their invasion.

It’s hard to know what Biden was thinking, or whether he was thinking at all. However, he reportedly provided intelligence to China about Russia’s invasion plans and US knowledge of that.

He pleaded with Chinese leader Xi Jinping to convince Putin not to do it.

China went right ahead and gave Putin the heads up about how much America knew. This way, the Russian authoritarian could adjust his plans and fine-tune his assault on our ally.

Helping the Enemy

It would be wonderful to report this is the first time Biden and his regime helped the enemy, but it’s not.

Recall last year when Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark “White Rage” Milley called China to let them know America wasn’t really going to attack.

This allowed China to expand its presence in the South China Sea and feel even more confident about its plans to invade Taiwan. Seeing Biden ditch our troops and allies in Afghanistan with no evacuation plan made China even bolder.

Now, seeing Biden flail weakly and hit Russia with sanctions is showing China even more evidence they could take Taiwan with no American response.

What’s even more embarrassing is Biden reportedly tried to get China’s help on Russia by telling them their “image” would be hurt if they let Russia invade.

Would you tell your enemy to watch out for their “image”? China is our enemy. They don’t care what we think of them. They care about power and spreading their fascist version of communism around the world.