Horror: Democrats Gain the Upper Hand After This

In order to preserve Senate in the 2022 midterms, Democrats are aggressively promoting a comeback story.

In contrast, Republicans have been hesitant to respond with a compelling case for why Americans should support them.

The story of the comeback is as follows

First, pro-choice women were outraged by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. They became motivated to preserve their rights.

Second, fuel costs have fallen recently, which Democrats credit to President Biden’s decision to release oil from the country’s stockpile. Considering demand factors, it had little of an effect, but it still sells well.

Third, Biden has succeeded in enacting historic measures and pursuing previously unheard-of Democratic objectives. To achieve the “inflation reduction” (i.e., climate change) and gun legislation acts, Biden had to make concessions, but he managed to achieve legislative victory.

Fourth, despite the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden has continued the battle against terrorism. The most recent assassination of Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri in Kabul serves as proof.

The media, which is supporting Biden, is exaggerating all of these points while mostly ignoring the fact that our southern border is completely open.

There is a national crime epidemic and we are currently experiencing what any Republican president would describe as a recession.

Notably, there are certain counter-trends. Many voters have turned to the conservatives as a result of the Democrats’ social extremism, particularly with regard to transgenderism. Additionally, working-class voters are upset with Biden’s recent (and perhaps illegal) student loan rescue.

However, Biden can also highlight this as an instance where he is keeping a campaign pledge.

The White House rejects the notion that increasing expenditures by another trillion dollars will increase inflation if the underlying issues in higher education are not addressed.

Republicans are having trouble countering the comeback story.

For conservative voters, the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization serves as evidence that supporting conservative candidates might finally have an impact.

However, Republicans’ future move on this matter is unclear. Calls for enacting a federal ban on abortion after the Supreme Court left the matter up to the states are likely to inspire pro-choice liberals more than the Republican base.

Voters continue to be concerned about inflation and will probably continue to feel this way for some time.

However, it is uncertain what Congress can do to address the problem, other than reducing government spending, which Republicans are equally adept at doing as Democrats are.

The Struggle

Republicans’ legislative initiatives aren’t very compelling to voters.

Furthermore, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan, one of Biden’s largest legislative victories, was a bipartisan effort, making it more difficult for Republicans to come up with an alternative.

On foreign affairs, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi grabbed headlines with a spectacular trip to Taiwan, trying to shore up her party’s credibility while Republicans hammered Biden for softness against America’s foes.

There are only two topics where Republicans have a distinct advantage.

The border is the first. Democrats have nothing to offer in defense of Biden’s disastrous approach, especially in light of the recent influx of migrants into so-called “sanctuary cities.”

The other is schooling, which helped Republicans win elections in 2021 when Democrats said parents couldn’t have a say in what happens in their kids’ classrooms.

Recent Republican victories in Florida’s school board elections demonstrate this is still a powerful motivation.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.