Horrific Act in Illinois Proves This Country Has a Law and Order Crisis

There’s a law and order crisis in this country and don’t let anybody tell you differently. President Trump got elected partly because he understood the situation we’re in and promised to fix it.

He backed the blue and stood behind our law enforcement every step of the way, but now we’re in Biden’s America and the situation is sadly different – and much worse. The latest example comes out of the city of Aurora, Illinois, a Chicago suburb of about 200,000. 

Here’s What Happened…

Three suspects were arrested in June after choking out a young cop who pulled them over for not stopping at a stop sign. This was just a routine traffic stop, but they strangled the police officer until he couldn’t breathe, trying with all their might to end his life. 

These individuals were arrested then charged with lesser assault charges which were later bumped up to attempted first degree murder. The individuals are all in their 20s and are Paul Sherrod, Sheba Taylor, and Jennifer Taylor. 

Here’s where it gets really bad…

Despite having their charges increased to attempted first degree, these three despicable thugs are now out on bond! Meanwhile, folks who walked inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6 for a selfie are rotting in solitary confinement and potentially facing domestic terrorism charges. 

Yet, people who attack and try to kill our cops are out walking the streets? As I said, we have a huge law and order crisis. 

Police Chief: ‘Lawlessness’ Won’t Be Tolerated

Aurora’s police chief Kristen Ziman said “lawlessness” won’t be tolerated when these three individuals were arrested, but now that they’re out on bond, we have to ask what exactly is going on. 

These individuals aren’t just dangerous, they’re incredibly stupid. One of them called 911 after helping try to beat and strangle the young officer to death and threatened to kill the officer on the actual 911 call. Dangerous and stupid is a very bad combination that gets people killed every single day. None of these psychotic fools should be out on bail. 

Here’s the Thing

Aurora is located in Illinois Cook County, whose State Attorney is a woman named Kim Foxx. This lady is a piece of work. Remember the race hoaxer Jussie Smollett? Foxx let him go despite his elaborate and totally fake hate crime hoax; she is severely biased in favor of any black person accused of a crime. 

She’s now overseeing a system where violent would-be cop killers get to skate out of jail with no issues. These suspects should not be out of jail until they are fully prosecuted and dealt with for what they did to the young officer. Thankfully he survived, but there’s no guarantee and they easily could have killed him. 

This is a sick system!