Horrific Accident Leaves 55 Illegal Immigrants Dead

Illegal immigration is a much bigger problem than our liberal media would like you to believe. Our US Border Patrol has already apprehended over 1.6 million illegals at the border, and we continue to be swamped.

Many are permitted into the US without a trial date. They then disappear into our communities without being checked for gang connections, diseases, or criminal ties.

However, another part of the illegal immigrant issue that’s rarely explained to Americans is how much abuse, rape, and extortion migrants have to deal with in order to get to the US.

They have to essentially make a deal with the devil. On Thursday night, some of those who made that deal, unfortunately, met their tragic end.

Tragic Incident Kills 55 Migrants

A truck carrying 250 migrants had a horrible accident on Thursday night, rolling onto the street near Tuxta Gutierrez and crushing 55 people to death in the most awful way imaginable. Hundreds more were injured.

The container truck had the migrants packed in like sardines in order to maximize profits. Human traffickers see human lives no differently than drugs: they are just a product to be moved, extorted, raped, and abused.

Many were coming from poor Central American countries like Guatemala and dreamed of a better life in America. All those on the outside areas inside the container were crushed, while some in the middle survived, covered in blood with crushed bodies all around them.

Survivors were pulled out of the pile, with some dying on the road. The driver was going very fast around a curve, trying to get his human cargo near the border as soon as possible.

He disappeared after the accident, likely to avoid responsibility from authorities. Joe Biden, meanwhile, has other priorities than dealing with the horrible human trafficking and situation on our border. He has late-night liberal shows to appear on.

The Crisis isn’t Over

This horrible accident is a reminder the crisis at our border isn’t over. Illegal immigrants are still streaming into our country from Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean in countries like Haiti, and many other places.

Joe Biden gave them the idea our border is open and then he claimed it’s now closed. However, traffickers haven’t got the message, and the Remain in Mexico policy isn’t doing much these days either.

Can you really blame them when 1.6 million illegals have been at our border just in this year alone? Biden’s words clearly don’t carry much weight in reality.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is illegal immigration is a national and human tragedy. It’s encouraged by people like Joe Biden and the Democrats who want to get more of the Latino vote in the US.

They don’t seem to realize more and more Hispanic Americans are turning against these open border policies because of the human cost.