Horrible News for CA Governor Gavin Newsom as He Faces Upcoming Recall Vote

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom knows he’s in trouble. The upcoming recall vote happens in around one month on Sept. 14 and his political future hangs in the balance.

Nonetheless, Newsom has been depending on polls which show the state evenly split. He’s been confident that the minority groups he and his party pretend to care about will see him through.

Surely such a diverse state wouldn’t show him the exit door when he says nice things about people of all backgrounds and likes immigrants so much, right? Wrong.

Hispanic Californians Want Newsom Gone

A new poll from Emerson College has very disturbing news for this self-righteous California hotshot. It shows that even though overall results are roughly divided (48% want Newsom to stay, 46% want him to go), it’s much different when you look deeper.

In fact, looking at just the Hispanic individuals polled, a whopping 54% want Newsom gone. This is not to mention that the top person to replace Newsom is black conservative radio host Larry Elder.

This is great news as it takes the race card right out of the Democrats’ hands and does not allow them to use the same easy divide and conquer tricks. It’s actually quite hopeful as it indicates maybe – just maybe – some people are beginning to wake up and realize the sick game the Democrats have been playing.

Newsom’s Disastrous Governorship

Newsom has taken California from an amazing place to live to a crap hole. He put in severe restrictions on COVID that didn’t help, restrictions which he was caught publicly breaking. He’s allowed leftist ideas about defunding and insulting the police to take over, while murder, rape and assault have skyrocketed across the state.

He’s let large multinational woke corporations stay open while punishing and shuttering small businesses. In short, Newsom has been a terrible governor: some would even say borderline treasonous.

In total, 41 people will be running to take his seat from him. Support to remove him from office is now at 46% and was only at 36% in April, so it’s definitely growing rapidly.

Larry Elder Steps Up

Larry Elder is the leading Republican candidate to replace Newsom. Although many Republican voters in California still aren’t sure who they want, Elder is way up there. The Republican primary should be an interesting experience and don’t be surprised if Elder wins it.

Elder started his show in LA in 1993; he has gained national fame for his consistent defense of liberty and takedowns of excessive leftist nonsense. He would be an amazing governor of California and he deserves to be after a long career of brave truth telling.

As for Gavin Newsom? Perhaps he could find a spare space on the sidewalk in San Francisco to set up a cardboard box.