Hollywood’s Rich and Famous are Into a Bizarre New Blood-Drinking Fad

The left has been shrill in condemning QAnon and conservatives who believe liberal elites are engaged in dark crimes. However, one thing that’s very odd is how Hollywood celebrities and the rich and famous are now openly drinking blood.

Of course, for Christians, drinking the blood of Jesus Christ is part of communion and the ceremony of committing to God. Yet, for Satanic ceremonies, blood-drinking is a way to flip this upside down and curse God and human life.

Celebrities who have gotten into drinking blood obviously wouldn’t describe it this way, seeing it instead as some kind of New Age and “spiritual” practice.

The latest example comes from actress Megan Fox, who recently got engaged to another celebrity called Machine Gun Kelly (real name Colson Baker).

In a post about their relationship, Fox said that they solidified their relationship by drinking each other’s blood.


Yes, seriously. Posting on Instagram, Fox said a year ago, they sat under a special tree and committed to each other by drinking each other’s blood.

First of all, that’s disgusting. Yet, secondly, it’s clear these two probably don’t worship Satan or harm kids. Instead, they are just following the style. Indeed, drinking blood is all the rage right now in Hollywood.

We all know about the bizarre amount of music videos featuring blood, gore, and people playing in blood or bathing in bathtubs of blood (Madonna, Eminem, and so on), but this is even more literal.

Let’s recall Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton as an early example: wearing capsules with the blood of the other in their marriage in the early 2000s.

More recently, you can look at Kourtney Kardashian and her engagement to Travis Barker; they put up photos with their blood in capsules without explaining why.

What about Julia Fox’s art exhibition a few years ago called ‘RIP Julia Fox’ with blood-stained silk that had been sprayed by a needle of her own blood? What’s with the Hollywood obsession with ingesting, spraying, and bathing in blood?


A Predictable Reaction

Of course, people like Kardashian and Fox dismiss fans who are freaked out as being silly and overexaggerating. They consider blood-drinking and playing with blood to be symbolic, fun, and harmless.

The thing is that it is symbolic…and whether or not you like it, drinking people’s blood is classic Satanic behavior. It’s not ironic or funny; it’s revolting and bizarre.

At the very least, it shows a high degree of self-obsession and narcissism from these bizarre stars.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about this story? Is it strange and creepy that stars are drinking each other’s blood or is it just a fun party trick to show you love someone?