Hollywood Sicko Harvey Weinstein To Finally Face Justice?

Harvey Weinstein’s new two-month trial begins today on various counts of sexual assault. Weinstein was charged in 2017 with rape and sexual harassment by a number of women, including some of Hollywood’s top female stars.

They claimed the heavyweight producer coerced and blackmailed them into sex, as well as physically forcing them to perform various sexual acts which they did not want to do.

The allegations came from many actresses, including Mira Sorvino, Emma de Caunes, Cara Delevingne, Zoe Brock, Heather Graham, Ashley Judd, Rosana Arquete, Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and dozens of others.

Sorvino’s late father Paul, who recently passed away, said he would love to get his hands on Weinstein and show him some justice.

Weinstein was sentenced in a 2020 trial to 25 years in jail. Now, it looks like Weinstein will finally be facing the music on additional charges.

Weinstein and the #MeToo Movement

The Weinstein scandal went public and became a huge social media campaign, titled #MeToo. Several other powerful men were also denounced for allegedly committing the same kinds of crimes as Weinstein.

In May 2018, the former film producer was arrested for the crimes he’d been charged with in 2017. However, he was soon released after making bail.

In early 2020, his trial began on five felonies and he was found guilty of two, earning him 25 years behind bars. The trial begins today in LA.

Weinstein, now 70 years old, will face a jury in the city of Los Angeles, a city in which he built his professional success in film, and whose courts will now shed further light on his sexual crimes.

What Are the New Charges?

In 2020, Weinstein was tried for five felonies and found guilty of two of them, which earned him a 25-year prison sentence. This is what the 70-year-old is currently serving.

Though there are still more charges for him to answer to. These are 11 in total, of which seven are for sexual assault and four are for rape.

One of the victims, Jane Faz, will be giving testimony on her case in this matter, for which Weinstein already said he’s not guilty.

This will be up to a jury of his peers to decide upon, however, not him. This convicted sex predator is no longer making movies where he can bend the plot whichever way he likes.

He’s now in the real world and facing the reality of the American justice system which, flawed as it may be, still punishes some criminals some of the time.

Four other women accusing Weinstein of these latest charges will also give testimony before the jury.

This is sure to shed more light on the epidemic of sexual abuse and predatory behavior that women have been subjected to in this country for far too long.

The Bottom Line

Leading leftist and Clinton family friend/donor Harvey Weinstein is likely to never see the outside of jail again, except in his current trial. Who else do you think should be treated to a similar fate?