Hollywood Actors Cry and Rage About Rittenhouse Verdict

On November 19, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges against him. He was on trial for killing two people and injuring a third in the summer of 2020.

The trial revealed Rittenhouse was defending himself from crowds of people and several violent individuals who were threatening to kill him and take his rifle.

One of the individuals who he wounded, Gaige Grosskreutz, even admitted to pointing a gun at Rittenhouse’s head.

However, the not guilty charge hasn’t been well received by many on the left. They have ignored the facts of the case and focused on how it makes them feel bad.

One of the groups that’s supposedly been the most traumatized is Hollywood celebrities.

Hollywood Celebs Say They Have PTSD From Rittenhouse Verdict

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious condition of hyper-vigilance, anxiety, and suffering that can occur in the aftermath of serious violence or tragedy.

Veterans often suffer from it when they’ve been in intense combat zones and lost members of their units. Rittenhouse reportedly suffers from it since the shootings.

Yet, never one to miss out on the limelight, various Hollywood celebrities say Rittenhouse being found innocent is causing them PTSD.

Leftists like comedian Patton Oswalt, actress Sophia Bush, and actor Mark Ruffalo talked about how sad and mad they were.

They all feel Rittenhouse being found innocent is a symbol of “white supremacy” and it is sending a signal that killing people is OK.

Abortion-loving extremist Alyssa Milano sounded off, saying the “f***ing” verdict made her enraged.

Justice can be scary when you live in a world of make-believe that’s just based on simplistic narratives and judging people by skin color.

Thankfully, enough of us still live in the real world where facts matter and Hollywood didn’t get to decide the outcome of this trial.

It Gets Even Stupider…

Actress Kerry Washington even went on about the value of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber’s lives. Well, thankfully as conservatives, we agree every life has value, even those who’ve done some pretty bad things.

Yet, as lives go, these two individuals wouldn’t be the first choice to pick. Rosenbaum was a convicted child molester who repeatedly shouted “n****er” and threatened people’s lives on the day he was killed.

Huber was a misognyist who’d been charged for hitting women. Maybe these aren’t the role models you’re looking for, Hollywood.

Then again, with the level of hypocrisy in tinsel town, maybe they’re exactly the kind of people you want to worship.

Oswalt joked Rittenhouse will now gain power and eventually become a justice on the Supreme Court. According to Oswalt, Rittenhouse was faking his emotions during the trial, an outrageous and bizarre accusation nobody who was at the trial actually believes.