Hillary Clinton Breaks Down in Tears After Emotional Situation

Hillary Clinton is a former first lady, a failed presidential candidate, and an ex-Secretary of State who helped sink this country.

There’s no doubt she’s an intelligent woman, but there’s also no doubt she’s engaged in some very shady behavior and is friends with some truly terrible people.

Now Clinton is breaking down in tears about her run for president, but not for the reason you may think.

Cryin’ Clinton

Perhaps during her time waiting for her husband Bill to get back from his trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane to his private sex slave island, Clinton developed her own political philosophy. It’s basically a fake-nice version of fascist globalism.

Now, she’s going to be teaching a special class on it for the online website, Masterclass; you know, in case you also want to learn to be a power-hungry psychopath.

However, the class isn’t going quite as smoothly as she hoped, and recently talking about it to the liberal media made Clinton break down in tears.

One of the classes she teaches discusses what happened in 2016 and her epic loss to Donald Trump. In the class, Clinton reads out the victory speech she had written in case she won on that night.

While sharing some of the speech and talking about her mother, Clinton broke down in tears.

Why Did Clinton Cry?

In her speech, Clinton gets into how her victory will bring “unity” (where did we hear that before? Oh yes, Joe Biden!). She also talks about how being the first woman president is a huge step forward for America and her being president will prove that anything is possible.

Her speech likewise includes parts about hugging her mom, who passed away ten years ago. Clinton’s mom had a very hard upbringing and grew up as an orphan after her parents ditched her as a young girl.

She became a maid and did her best to get through life in a very difficult time. This touches Clinton on a deep level, because if her mom was alive, she would want her to know anything is possible and that she, Hillary, has become president.

The saddest thing of all is if the Democrats had their way, someone like Clinton’s mother would have had an abortion instead of taking a chance on life.

The Bottom Line

Clinton’s Masterclass goes live in a few days. We will have to see how it is. Being familiar with Clinton, there’s no doubt it will be full of self-righteousness, platitudes, buzzwords, and strategic lessons about sabotaging your enemies.

I’m sure Clinton won’t give away the really good tips, though. She’ll be saving those up. It’s clear this woman can’t stand to be out of the public spotlight for more than a day or two, and it’s exhausting for the rest of us.