Hilarious Hypocrisy Comes from Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama damaged America very badly during his eight years in office. He divided us and left us weakened at home and abroad.

When he was shown the door by President Trump, many of us hoped our country could come together. However, it wasn’t to be; the far left media continued Obama’s legacy of lies and division.

Also, he’s not done yet. In addition to clearly influencing Biden behind-the-scenes and being fully onboard with the globalist Great Reset project, Obama is ticking off his own neighbors in Hawaii and helping destroy the environment.

Here’s what’s happening…

Obama is Building a Mansion in Hawaii

All that money from Michelle Obama’s schmaltzy book and Obama’s speaking tours has to go somewhere. He’s pumping it into a large mansion on the shorefront of Hawaii.

This prime piece of real estate is the site of Obama’s new villa. This includes a massive wall along the shore that is destroying the land and causing massive soil erosion on the beach.

Obama was recently photographed angrily looking over construction workers as they helped build his hideaway. He wasn’t wearing a mask, of course. What does he care if the peasants get the COVID he and his cronies pretend to be so concerned about?

Obama’s Hilarious Hypocrisy

This hilarious hypocrisy is worth mentioning for four big reasons:

  • The wall: Obama is supposed to hate walls. He spent years insulting Trump over his plan to protect our border with a wall. Yet, apparently, he’s fine with having a big, ugly concrete wall that destroys the pristine nature and ecosystem of Hawaii.
  • The mask: Obama and the whole liberal cabal haven’t shut up about masks for years. We already know he didn’t wear one at his birthday, but you just have to ask: why do these folks think they are above wearing a mask when they shut our economy down over COVID?
  • The climate: During his years in office and since, Obama is obsessed with climate change. He and his co-conspirators say we need to change everything we do and eat to save the environment. Yet, apparently, having a big sea wall that destroys the climate and oceans is just fine and dandy if it’s there to protect his mansion.
  • The workers: Obama’s expression looking at the progress on his house perfectly shows the attitude of the liberal elites. They’ve abandoned the working class and see them as worthless slaves. No wonder truckers in Canada are protesting the arrogant liberal establishment.

The Bottom Line

Obama and the Democrats are fake.

They don’t care about the environment; they don’t care about COVID and they certainly don’t care about you. Don’t fall for their silver-tongued words. They don’t mean one iota of any of it.