Hilarious: GOP Puts Forward the OMAR Bill

Ilhan Omar speaking at worker protest against Amazon by Fibonacci Blue is licensed under CC BY 2.0

i don’t have to take you through the political career of Ilhan Omar. All you have to do is go look at a burning dumpster fire and you’ll have a pretty clear picture.

But the Minnesota Congresswoman recently graduated from the minor leagues to the major leagues in terms of her dishonesty, lies and lack of patriotism.

The latest Omar SNAFU comes from exposure of how she’s given her husband Tim Mynett a job helping consult her and getting massive profits, including huge money from COVID bailout funds.

Now two Republican representatives are introducing a bill to stop members of Congress from giving jobs to their husband or wife.

Its name? The Oversight for Members And Relatives (OMAR) Act.

Ilhan Omar by Lorie Shaull is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Omar’s Massive Payouts to Husband Raise Eyebrows

The OMAR Act is being put forward by Congressmen Tom Tiffany and Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin and prevents any campaign money from going to a spouse. Omar raised eyebrows when it was revealed that her campaign had shelled out over $2.8 million to Mynett’s E-Street Consulting Group. In fact the majority of her campaign spending was on money going to his group.

As Gallagher announced, the OMAR Act – despite its humorous name – isn’t only about Congresswoman Omar. It’s about people in both parties who have basically embezzled money for their family by hiring spouses and laundering campaign money through them.

Indeed, this practice is far from just a Democratic party issue, and the Republicans have plenty to own up to as well. Omar perhaps was less good at hiding it, due to her embarrassing revelation of handing out Benjamins to her hotshot husband.

Will the Bill Pass?

The short answer is: probably. Loony tunes California Democrat Adam Schiff put forward a bill that was a lot like the OMAR Act in 2007 and it passed with support from both parties. His bill barred you from directly employing spouses for your campaign ground team, but a lot of the concept and language was the same.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Schiff both went on and on at the time about how crucial it was to have this kind of legislation and to have transparency and ethics. Even though the Schiff bill didn’t ultimately clear the Senate, it was a clear line in the sand for both parties. So for the Democrats to oppose the OMAR Act at this point would be hard to pull off, given that this is basically a bipartisan problem that needs to be resolved.

Illegal or Just Unethical?

Part of the reason that what Omar did isn’t technically illegal is because hiring spouses or paying them for work is legal in private business and is therefore also legal in Congress. However the difference occurs not only in that public servants should be holding themselves to a higher standard but also that campaign donations are tightly controlled and watched under federal law, and if that money is being spent on buying new flat screens and vehicles under the guise of going to a spouse it’s a crime.

In other words if the money and jobs being given to spouses really are just a way to skim money and embezzle then it’s not legal and politicians have ended up behind bars for it in the past.

The OMAR Act is a good first step in stopping the kind of reckless corruption that prevails in Washington, D.C. As the rest of us deal with real life financial concerns and employment, it’s outrageous that fat cats on the Hill believe they can just do whatever they want with campaign funds and funnel money into their own family’s accounts.