High Ranking Retired Army Colonel Sounds Alarm on Ukraine

Daniel Davis is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army who’s making waves for speaking out on the Ukraine vs. Russia situation.

With 100,000 Russian troops on the border of Ukraine and Joe Biden deploying US troops to eastern Europe to prevent a Russian invasion, the world is worried about war.

Yet, according to Davis, there’s a simple way to ensure there won’t be a war over Ukraine: stop lying about Ukraine joining NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Davis: the US Can Prevent War

NATO is a military alliance made up of many European nations, Canada and the US. It has spoken about the desire to potentially include countries like Ukraine and the Republic of Georgia in the NATO alliance.

Davis says correctly that this is posturing. NATO will not go to war on behalf of Ukraine or Georgia. However, it uses this as a bargaining chip to pressure and negotiate with Russia, driving the situation to its current cliff.

That’s why Davis says the US can now play a key role in stopping war by being brutally honest about Ukraine and NATO: it’s never going to happen.

If this acknowledgment of geopolitical reality comes from the US, Russia would stop being paranoid and angry, according to Davis.

Davis spent more than two decades in uniform, including in the Afghanistan War and in Iraq. He has two bronze stars and is not just all talk. He knows about war and its high cost.

Crossing the Red Line

Despite all the different things currently going on in the escalating tensions, Davis is sticking to the basics. Russia has said clearly its red line is Ukraine joining NATO.

They are demanding a promise this will not happen. They are not being given that promise.

Davis says the “foolish” desire to keep stalling out and pushing Russia is being made by failed foreign policy folks in DC. The Biden regime is going to get many people “killed” in the near future if they don’t stop.

According to Davis, Biden needs to be willing to tell the harsh truth and let Russia know Ukraine won’t be getting NATO membership.

Those on the other side argue this would just be an invitation to Russia to let them know Ukraine doesn’t have outer backing and would be a vulnerable target.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your views on Ukraine and Russia, Davis’ comments do make sense. There is no reason to risk war over something that’s not going to happen when it comes to Ukraine’s NATO membership.

If Russia still continues pushing, then it would be proof not to negotiate with them in good faith again, but for one step forward, why doesn’t Biden try giving them the assurance they want on Ukraine?