Heroic Texas Troopers Regain Foothold on Texas Border

Alarming photos from our southern border have been pouring in. Long lines of Haitians almost overran the town of Del Rio, Texas, crowding under the international bridge into the United States from Mexico.

The Biden regime has lost complete control of the southern border and to say it’s a disaster is a complete understatement.

However, in Texas, they do things a little differently. The heroic actions of a number of Texas state troopers are being applauded today as they managed to turn back the invasion wave.

Abbott and the Troopers to the Rescue

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been one of the heroes who’s risen to the challenge against the fascist Biden regime.

Along with leaders like Ron DeSantis of Florida, Abbott has worked to get a border wall built on unguarded sections of the Texas border and to address the invasion into his state.

He’s picked up the slack where Biden and his lackeys just sat back and snored. More than 15,000 illegals swamped the small town of Del Rio in the past few days, with nothing to stop them.

Then, Texas troopers came in by the dozens, pulling up in government vehicles, with some even on horseback. Haitians who were still trying to come into the US were forced to turn around by the superior show of force.

Why Did Troopers Have to Step In?

Usually, the border is the domain of Customs and Border Protection, but many of these agents are too busy dealing with all the illegals who’ve already crossed.

That’s where the troopers stepped up and came in, backing up CBP to do their job. Local border patrol said that the help from Texas troopers was “dramatic.”

It also was a game-changer in stopping the migrant waves, as well as assistance from the National Guard.

With food and water supplies going down rapidly in the migrant camp that still sprawls by the bridge, troops and troopers are also preparing for dealing with an even worse situation.

The fact is, however, that the law is the law. If Biden won’t enforce it, then Texas patriots will do so. Period.

Border in Chaos

Although Texas state troopers have succeeded – at least for now – in stemming the human tide at Del Rio, there are still many undefended areas of the Texas-Mexico border.

The fact of the matter is that our southern border is basically a warzone at this point. Cartels are profiting from human trafficking, for one thing.

Meanwhile, people from all over the world, including terrorists, are pouring in from Mexico because the border security is not sufficient.

Many illegals are released with no court date; those who are ordered to report to an ICE facility rarely do so. President Trump had the border situation improving: Biden is turning it into a national tragedy.