Hero Border Agent Stormed Uvalde School

On May 24, US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) agent Jacob Albarado was quietly enjoying his day off. He was having his hair cut in his usual barbershop when he received a terrible message from his wife.

His wife, Trisha, is a 4th grade Uvalde Elementary School teacher. In the message, she wrote there was a shooter inside the school. She asked for help and ended the message by saying “I love you.”

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Trisha was clearly afraid of what might happen to her and her daughter, along with the other defenseless kids who were there at the school.

Albarado Springs Into Action

Immediately without thinking twice, desperate Albarado jumped out of his chair, borrowed a shotgun from the barber, got into his car, and sped toward the school.

Upon arriving at the school, he went straight to the area that Trisha said their daughter was stuck in.

With the help of other officers, Albarado and others began to rescue the children and teachers they met along the way, trying to evacuate as many lives as possible.

Their 8-year-old daughter, a second-grader, was hiding in a bathroom. As soon as Albarado found her, he gave her a strong hug and pulled her out right away.

Trisha, on the other hand, tried to protect all her students, placing them under the classroom tables, along with herself, as she waited to be rescued.

Thanks to her husband and four fellow officers, everyone who was there with her was saved and unharmed.

A Different Scene Outside the School

Meanwhile, outside the school, an elite Tactical Team of the CBP was still assembled, planning the measures they would take to control the situation.

The 18-year-old shooter, Salvador Ramos, was in a different wing of the school from where Albarado’s family was.

As soon as the tactical team identified where Ramos was, they surrounded him and killed him. However, many parents and onlookers were furious about the delay by police.

It was about an hour since the shooter entered the school until he was killed. In the meantime, the 18-year-old gunman killed 19 children and two teachers.

If the police had taken faster action, surely the tragic situation could have been minimized.

Albarado, in His Own Words

After what happened, Jacob Albarado posted his feelings on his Facebook page.

Albarado said he was feeling a mix of emotions. However, at the same time, he is grateful that he and his family are alive and also glad he could save so many other lives.

He added what happened serves as a lesson for the state to take precise action and for schools to have training on how to act in situations like this tragedy.

In an interview, Albarado said he does not consider himself a hero. He said he just did what he was trained to do.

Given what he did, there are big questions about the police’s time-consuming and inefficient actions in responding to this massacre.