Head of Liberal Fact Checking Site Snopes Suspended for Lying Repeatedly

Snopes is a fact-checker website that’s used by Facebook and other sites to decide what’s true. If Snopes says you lied, you can get banned from social media.

Snopes runs part of the leftist censorship machine, but now it turns out that Snopes co-founder David Mikkelson is a big fat liar. In fact, he was caught copy-pasting news articles from large websites to get clicks.

What Punishment Will Mikkelson Get?

Mikkelson has been suspended, but he’s still the CEO of Snopes. He also owns literally half of its stock. He co-founded the company, but now the company has to pretend to care that he was plagiarizing left and right to make money on clicks and joke around.

Specifically, Mikkelson wrote fake articles to get extra revenue; he also tried to trick “conspiracy theorists” and confuse them about the news when they visited Snopes.

In a statement, the website said that Mikkelson’s plagiarism has “no place” in their organization and they asked readers to let them know if they find more copied material.

Mikkelson founded Snopes in the late 1980s and grew it to become a mainstay of liberal censorship. It formerly cooperated with Facebook to stop “disinformation” and would lead to people being banned and shut down on social media.

Snopes: A History of Dishonest Nonsense

Snopes has a long history of publishing dishonest nonsense. They are clearly staffed by leftists who care more about their political and social beliefs than what is true.

Several years ago they fact-checked the Babylon Bee, which is a joke website. They also claimed that President Trump would never succeed in producing a vaccine for COVID.

Snopes has spent years lying, gaslighting, accusing and slandering Americans who hold traditional and conservative views. Now it’s own founder is being outed as a serial plagiarist, troll and deceptive fraud.

Sometimes justice can be sweet.

How Much Did Mikkelson Plagiarize?

So far, 54 articles have been found that Mikkelson directly plagiarized, but the investigation is ongoing. He often wrote under the pseudonym Jeff Zarronandia, as well as under the byline “Snopes Staff.”

His articles generally slammed conservatives, President Trump or other topics that would be well liked by his left-of-center readers. Mikkelson says he just copied the articles because he didn’t have enough experience in “journalism” and didn’t really know clearly about the rules of copying content.

This sounds like a nonsense excuse. The rest of us are looking at a site claiming to be able to decide what’s true or not, whose literal founder was lying to us for years and shaking our heads.

Snopes has zero authority about what’s true or not. Any liberals who trust it are fools. The site should be shut down immediately and its staff should never have any position of authority again.