Harry Potter Author JK Rowling Drops the Ugly Truth About Transgender Extremism

J.K. Rowling is most well known for writing Harry Potter. Her books about a wiry little wizard who stands up to evil gained a lot of fans, including on the liberal left.

However, Rowling eventually rubbed our progressive friends the wrong way when she stood up for women. She made the very basic and obvious point that just saying you’re a woman when you’re actually a man is bull crap and is dangerous to women. 

Transgender activists went berserk, threatening Rowling and burning her books. Now she’s gone and pissed them off again. This time the mobs of blue-haired, genital-obsessed freaks are coming for blood. 

What Did Rowling Do This Time?

All Rowling did was she still refused to back down. Her past comments that only women have periods really pissed off the trans lunatics, but her books still kept selling and attempts to cancel them didn’t work. 

Let’s be clear here: Rowling is a leftist. She’s also a feminist. She is not on “our” side. However, even she has noticed the insanity and aggressive violence of the far left. She recently responded to the hate and death threats she’s still getting by sarcastically mocking it. 

As Rowling noted, threatening to kill people constantly isn’t usually the best way to convince them that you’re a kind and respect-worthy person. 

Rowling Isn’t Backing Down

As Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire noted, Rowling’s resilience here is impressive. Most people would simply have given up or bowed down to the crazed leftists if they had been subjected to the same amount of hate that this woman has been subjected to. 

Yes, Rowling is rich and famous, b she’s still human like all the rest of us. A large part of her fan base has been infected by totally vicious propaganda and hate against her. Her physical safety is also not guaranteed. 

These far-left folks like Antifa really do get violent as we have seen, and they’re not just in America. There are plenty of these pink-haired Marxist freaks in the UK who are absolutely obsessed with Rowling and hate her for two simple reasons:

One: she’s a beautiful and strong woman. Two: she’s saying basic things which are true. Both of those things are not supposed to be allowed in our brave new globalist world. Women are supposed to embrace the new gender ideology and shut their mouths if they disagree. 

Rowling won’t do either of those things, so the socially-engineered hordes are being loosed on her. Yes, Rowling is a leftist, but – and this matters – she’s also enormously brave for refusing to back down.

She deserves our support on this issue, because all of us who’ve been subject to leftist harassment and violence understand that it’s no joke.