Guess Who’s Looking to Buy Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean Island?

Little St James Island by Navin75 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Pedophile millionaire and politicians’ best friend Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but he still has some land to his name.

One piece of land Epstein still owns is his infamous Little St. James island in the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean. Lawyers disposing of Epstein’s estate are now up against the top lawyer of the Virgin Islands (VI) who says the island belongs to the VI as do all of Epstein’s other assets.

There is something else that puts another spin on the story as well.

There are now multiple people interested in buying Little St. James and the other island owned by Epstein’s estate: Great St. James.

Both islands are residential, so the buyers aren’t looking to put up resorts or run businesses. They want a private getaway like Epstein had – hopefully not to traffic underage girls onto – and like British bigwig Richard Branson has a half-hour boat ride away in the British Virgin Islands.

Little Saint James Epstein by Navin75 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Who Wants to Buy?

The identity of the individuals who want to buy the Epstein islands has not been released because they have signed NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) with his estate. But Newland Real Estate’s April Newland said that the interest is very real and that “there are people that are quite interested and very qualified to buy the islands, and I have some clients that have already visited the islands.”

While the rest of us may joke that we didn’t know the Clintons and George Soros were so interested in real estate speculation, the truth is that the identity of these potential buyers just isn’t yet known.

Presumably they may just be reclusive wealthy people who want to sit and drink margaritas by the little Greek temple facade with their fully legal-age, non-sex-trafficked partners.

Epstein’s Estate is Running Out of Cash

Here’s the thing:

Epstein’s estate is running out of cash because they’ve been paying out victims from the Epstein Victims Compensation Fund for months now – in fact over $55 million has already been paid out to victims of the horndog pedophile and possible spy.

The Epstein islands are worth $48 million and $79 million so selling them could help pay off remaining victims who want compensation for the traumatic abuse and grooming they went through under Epstein.

Currently the ability to sell the islands is being held up by VI Attorney General Denise George who is suing the estate for racketeering and who would have to approve any large payment to the estate.

This is a major obstacle to anyone looking to actually sign along the dotted line and be the new owner of either of these islands.

As estate lawyer Daniel Weiner pointed out, there’s no legal way to sell the properties “unless and until the USVI attorney general agrees to lift her liens on them.”

For her part, the USVI AG says she’s sick of hearing the complaints from the estate’s lawyers and said it is their fault.

“If the Co-Executors had properly managed the estate’s assets and its expenditures, or even promptly communicated any liquidity issues, the estate’s assets and obligations could have been managed in a way that would have avoided this default at the expense of Epstein’s victims,” she alleged, saying lawyers have been feeding themselves hefty payments instead of putting adequate funds into the victim payout fund.

The Epstein lawyers are also working to sell his properties in New Mexico, Paris, Palm Beach, Colorado and his Manhattan mansion.

Just a thought here, but what about giving Epstein’s victims a stake in each of these properties as an investment? During these tough economic times the last thing they should be worried about is money since years of their life were destroyed by the trauma inflicted on them by this sick man and his accomplices.