Greg Gutfeld Reveals the Disturbing Truth About Democrats

Greg Gutfeld is one of the funniest men in America and he also knows what he’s talking about when it comes to politics.

As one of the most popular comedians currently on TV, Gutfeld is a small minority in a sea of liberal funny guys who hate what he believes and want him silenced.

However, on his recent show, Gutfeld spoke out and dropped the truth about the Democrat Party. His words are devastating for leftists because they expose the truth about how they operate and their true motivations.

Here’s What Gutfeld Said

Gutfeld talked about many things on his show; in particular, he’s making headlines for calling the Democrats out on their insane reform of cash bail that lets criminals out to kill people.

As Gutfeld pointed out, Biden has a new “42-page” bill that’s supposed to make genders more equal (all the many genders, apparently). One of the rules Biden and his idiotic regime want to push through is to scrap cash bail for people who get arrested.

Basically, this means dangerous criminals can get out of jail more easily when arrested on a charge. Then, they can go finish the job or start up new crimes if they feel like it.

We’ve seen it time and time again: the Democrat Party claims to care about the underdog, minorities, women, and injustice. Then, they go and directly cause injustice and a worsening of the situation.

Gutfeld Smacks the Jackass Democrats

As Gutfeld said, the removal of cash bail has led to a rash of horrific assaults on women and many innocent people. Biden’s new plan is horse crap and part of a leftist agenda to make our streets unsafe and flood them with criminals.

As Gutfeld said, Biden and his crew are obsessed with their “revolution.” They don’t care if people get murdered in the process. They just want to feel nice about helping “underprivileged” criminals.

Then, Democrats want to wait for America to fully break down so they can rebuild it in their twisted globalist vision. As Gutfeld noted, rich families in places like San Francisco are getting their own private security at this point and leaving everyone else to the dogs.

This is a scary two-tier system in which a small elite is safe and everyone else lives in chaos. It’s the globalist vision. The rest of us are saying no thanks.

The Truth About Democrats

Almost all Democrat policies are “evil,” as Gutfeld pointed out. Sorry, not sorry. Facts are facts. The thing is, as he said, Democrats know that. The whole truth about the Democrat Party is they only want power; that way, they can set rules for the rest of us they don’t have to follow.

They want to defund police for you, but get private security for them. They want masks for you, but they can walk through a fancy restaurant maskless like Biden recently did. The list goes on because leftist hypocrisy is endless.