Great News for California Governor Hopeful Larry Elder in His Quest to Replace Gavin Newsom

The recall vote for California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is coming up on September 14. Newsom is shaking in his boots because the state is evenly split and about half of Californians want him kicked out of office.

This includes a majority of California’s Hispanic voters. He’s in big trouble. The main man slated to possibly replace Newsom is conservative radio host Larry Elder, but some are still wondering whether Elder really has what it takes to win and become governor. Well, wonder no longer. New numbers are in and they’re pure gold for the popular conservative commentator.

Huge Fundraising Numbers for Elder

Elder’s campaign took in around $4.5 million dollars in July alone, once Elder made the announcement that he’s running for governor on July 12. The amount raised is actually even higher, since the $4.5 million is just from July 12 to July 31.

In other words, this California king made a mountain of money in only his first three weeks of being in the running! These are very promising numbers, and that amount of cash is going to take him far.

Newsom is in Real Trouble

Newsom may be linked up with the powerful Democrat money machine in California, but he’s missing something crucial: the people. Harsh COVID restrictions, destruction of small businesses, being caught without a mask while forcing residents to wear them, and imposing burdensome regulations that are killing the state are just the start.

California is in steep decline and if anyone can save the state it’s Larry Elder. After campaign costs, Elder had about $2.3 million left at the end of July, which is a ton for an up and coming candidate.

Newsom has big money in the bank and a huge network of liberal donors, but Elder is catching up quickly. Newsom reportedly has around $26 million in the bank after expenses at the end of July in order to fight the recall campaign; meanwhile, Caitlyn Jenner is way down with only around $22,000 left after expenses and over five times that amount owing in debts.

Elder is clearly the conservative favorite at this point. He may have a long way to go to catch up to Newsom, but every day people are hearing the name Larry Elder, Googling him and finding out more about his platform.

This guy absolutely can win, and I believe he will.

What Does Elder Believe?

Larry Elder is a common sense conservative with deep roots in LA. He wants to make life more affordable again and create the kind of environment where working families can rise up to economic success and achieve the American Dream.

Elder holds a degree from Brown and University of Michigan; he also went on from being a lawyer to becoming a radio host. He’s tough on crime, good on the economy, and libertarian on social issues. He supports hard work, patriotism and American unity.

He speaks out against the victim narrative and the anti-capitalist policies of the left; Elder furthermore wants to scrap the awful regulations and COVID lockdowns that are harming the state so badly.