GOP Senator Josh Hawley Just Massively Humiliated Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Josh Hawley Primary Night by Natureofthought is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

GOP Senator Josh Hawley is a rising star in the Republican Party. He’s becoming known as a strong supporter of President Trump and populist policies that show some appreciation for hardworking families.

There was Hawley’s recent showdown with the retail giant Wal-Mart where he denounced their use of “slave labor” and called out their hatred for conservative Americans. Then there’s Hawley’s ongoing attempt to partner with Senator Bernie Sanders to get a bipartisan push for $2,000 checks out to everyone.

The Story Just Got Even Better

Now the story just got even better in the Hawley Files. This king left Mitch McConnell listening to dead air on a recent conference call with Senate Republicans.

McConnell was demanding to know about what’s going down on January 6 now that Hawley has said he is not ready to certify the Electoral College’s election results given failure to follow the rules in various states.

Hawley ghosted McConnell and other Republicans because he’s no longer going by their playbook. McConnell is now holding on to a very thin advantage in the Senate – even if Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue both get their Senate seats in Georgia’s upcoming runoff elections, which is far from a sure thing.

McConnell’s Sinking Ship

Even worse for McConnell is that there are a number of Senators in his caucus such as Susan Collins, Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski who can’t be relied on to vote in line with the rest of the party and Senators like Hawley, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz and Tommy Tuberville are far from a sure thing to fall in line for certifying the results for Joe Biden.

In fact, even Senator Lindsey Graham has been trash talking McConnell on the news. McConnell getting ghosted by Hawley is a perfect metaphor for him losing control of the party and he must be furious.

If too many GOP members take up Chuck Schumer’s proposal to vote on $2,000 checks and to allocate issues on Big Tech in Section 230 and investigating voter fraud in different bills. McConnell’s bill puts it all in one bill in order to sabotage Democrats or Republicans from passing the bill.

Hawley’s Win-Win

If a bill for $2,000 checks can pass the Senates then Hawley wins and looks like even more of a populist. If it gets tanked by GOP opposition and McConnell managing to shore up the party then it could literally be the reason that Loeffler and Perdue lose their Georgia races.

Unless McConnell can make sure that his poison bill is the only one that’s available then he’s in big trouble. But an increasing number of Republicans like Hawley aren’t willing to go up against President Trump in favor of Mitch McConnell, and that includes on falling in line for accepting Biden’s victory.

Telework by Peter Kaminski is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The chance of a solo bill on $2,000 checks is very small, even once Congress starts its new session this Sunday, but Hawley and his crowd aren’t anywhere close to giving up. They sense an advantage to vent voter frustration and they’re going to press it.

Hawley humiliating McConnell in this way is likely just the prelude to hours of commentary coming up where he’ll talk about issues that occurred during the election and make McConnell look out of touch and establishment. At the end of the day it’s all going to be putting more distance between the establishment GOP and the new Trumpian wing which is economic populist and nationalist.

McConnell asking Hawley what the hell he’s doing and getting nothing but dead air could eventually become known as the first sound of a future third party and presidential run by Hawley himself.