Globalist Liberal Justin Trudeau Wins Canada’s Election

Canada held its election on Monday and the results are every conservative’s worst nightmare. Left-wing extremist leader Justin Trudeau is back in office and ready to continue forward with his strict COVID rules and globalist agenda.

The results this time around are very similar to Canada’s last election in 2019. Trudeau was hoping for a majority government so he could push forward even stricter vaccine mandates and liberal laws, but he once again only secured a minority government.

This means there is still a check on Trudeau’s lust for power, but the fact remains that he’s going to be even more arrogant going forward.

Canada Election Results

The election was almost evenly split between Trudeau and Canada’s Conservative Party led by Erin O’Toole. The Liberals won 156 seats in Canada’s parliament, while O’Toole took 121 but almost an even share of the vote.

Indeed, many of the liberal victories were in districts where they barely squeaked by with a win. The remaining support was divided between the socialist NDP, the surging People’s Party of Canada, and lesser-supported parties like the Green Party and Quebec separatist party Bloc Quebecois.

With these election results, Trudeau will be confirmed in his arrogance. Canada’s already been under 18 months of rolling lockdowns. Meanwhile, provinces are introducing vaccine passports similar to what’s been happening in Australia.

Trudeau wasn’t smart to call the election in the middle of the pandemic, in any case, but he thought the polls showed him on top and he wanted to capitalize on that.

At this point, Trudeau will work hand-in-hand with fellow globalist socialists (the NDP) to keep his reign over Canada and ensure no dangerous ideas of freedom or patriotism start to take root.

More Blackface Buffoonery

Trudeau made some waves several years ago when photos of him in blackface emerged at a party. Another photo came out just before the election showing this smiling liberal goof playing it up.

However, like infanticide-supporting Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, there will be zero consequences for him since he’s on the left. If a conservative did something like this, the liberal media would run stories and hype on it for weeks.

Trudeau is heavily coddled by Canada’s state-run socialist media CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and he can get away with doing almost anything he likes.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is Canada is in something of a similar boat to here in America. The only difference is Canada has even fewer conservatives and patriots. Those Canadian conservatives are certainly not happy.

However, they are in a tough spot, trapped between a globalist conservative party and a horrific and overpowering left-wing. Trudeau must be carefully roped in until the next election because it’s clear that he wants to push the globalist agenda as much as possible.