Globalist Bill Gates’ Comments on Depopulation Come Back to Haunt Him

In his own mind, Bill Gates is a hero who’s building a better future. In reality, Bill Gates is a twisted globalist psychopath. He wants to control the world’s population, food, and information in order to create a bizarre high-tech slave colony.

Does that sound far-fetched? It’s literally already happening. Look how many businesses have been destroyed by COVID restrictions passed down through globalist mouthpieces like the World Health Organization and the UN.

What Gates wants is fairly simple and he’s never been shy about it: a small, high-tech elite doing what’s best for people (in their view), and much fewer people living on this planet. Spin it any way you like, but that’s the truth about Bill Gates. Want proof?

Gates’ Evil Past Comments Come Back to Haunt Him

Gates has never been shy about his love for euthanasia and depopulation. He’s joked in the past about euthanizing grandma on video as part of laughing at conservatives who said Obamacare would include death panels.

Now that we’re in a situation where many vaccinated people are getting gravely ill (and the unvaxxed are sometimes not let into the ER), those death panels are becoming a reality.

In particular, comments are coming back up that Gates made even more recently than his grandma jokes during a 2010 TED talk. The topic of his speech was how to bring down the world’s carbon pollution.

Gates pointed out that population growth is pushing up carbon numbers and this is bad for the planet. Gates noted on its current trajectory, world population growth will spike up to nine billion.

If we improve “reproductive health” (birth control, condoms, and access to abortion) as well as more “vaccines,” we can lower the population by 10 to 15%, according to Gates. As I said, Gates has been on about getting the population down for years now. It’s basically his personal crusade.

He’s a Luciferian globalist who hates humanity and pretends to love it. You can wrap this up any way you want and say Gates was only talking about stemming population “growth,” not cutting back the population that’s already alive.

However, the fact of the matter is Gates wants the world to have fewer people; he believes he and his friends are the ones to get it done. What’s better than a worldwide pandemic that starts controlling every aspect of your life?

Gates even got into these subjects due to his interest in contraception; his dad Bill Gates Sr. was high up in the pro-abortion movement in the US and on the board of Planned Parenthood.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is Bill Gates is the perfect example of a useful idiot. Some people believe he’s at the top of the food chain and it’s true he’s a globalist’s globalist with a lot of cash in his pocket.

Yet, at the end of the day, he’s just a useful tool of the overall ideology which is eating up this world and destroying our lives.

Call it what you want, but at the end of the day, Bill Gates (and those like him) serve a dark force that wants to end American freedom and liberty. They cannot be trusted in any way.