Ghislaine Maxwell Comes Out with Shocking New Revelation About Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell is currently on trial for helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit underage girls into his sex ring. Her defense is Epstein took advantage of her and she wasn’t aware of abuse or illegal actions going on.

Witnesses and victims say this is untrue; they say Maxwell also participated in the sexual exploitation of underage girls. Now, a new revelation is coming out about Maxwell and what she thinks happened to Epstein.

Maxwell’s Brother Speaks Out

Maxwell is currently on trial, but her brother Ian recently spoke out on a podcast with the conservative publication, Spectator USA. Talking to interviewer Freddy Gray, Ian said his sister is innocent and she’s being set up to take a fall by America’s justice system.

He said the idea Epstein didn’t commit suicide in his Manhattan jail cell is a popular conspiracy theory; it’s also something Maxwell herself believes. He said out of his siblings, Maxwell is the one who believes Epstein was “killed.”

The Maxwell family has a history of strange and tragic events. Ghislaine and Ian’s father, Robert, was a Mossad asset who died mysteriously aboard his yacht. Many believe he was murdered, as well.

Epstein officially committed suicide in New York in prison in August 2019; although many have doubted that official finding.

The Maxwell Case

Maxwell was arrested hiding out in the countryside of New Hampshire in July of last year. She’s charged with recruiting underage girls to pass onto Epstein for him to abuse sexually and trade around at sex parties.

In the past, Maxwell herself said she’s not “fully convinced” he actually committed suicide, but this is the first time it’s been stated she actually believes he was murdered.

For his part, Ian said he hasn’t spoken to Ghislaine since the summer of 2019, but they have passed on messages through her lawyers to communicate in jail.

Ian says his sister is basically having to answer for Epstein’s crimes and charges have been unfairly “reverse-engineered” so she can be the fall guy (or fall woman) for what Epstein did.

The Case Continues

Ghislaine Maxwell has been in isolation in jail for over 525 days, as of this point. Furthermore, Ian is now going on the record and saying his sister had her right to be considered innocent until proven guilty taken away from her.

Whatever your opinion on the Ghislaine Maxwell case, I think the one thing we can all agree on is that she must be very protected in prison. This is to ensure another sudden episode of “depression” doesn’t occur and lead to her “suicide.”

Whatever happened to Jeffrey Epstein, it’s abundantly clear from photo evidence at the Maxwell trial that he was connected to a lot of very powerful people.