Germany Has a New Solution for Citizens Who Break COVID Rules: Taking Them to Special Camps

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You would think that Germany had learned its lesson about taking people it doesn’t like to “special” camps, but apparently not

New COVID regulations will result in those who break lockdown rules being carted off to special detention centers being set up in former refugee camps.

This is supposedly being done to crack down on the spread of dangerous new mutations of the virus.

Special German Camps for Rule Breakers – What Could Go Wrong?

State governments are moving forward with getting the camps ready and Chancellor Angela Merkel is apparently very worried about the new strains of the virus. In the German state of Saxony, those who break social distancing, curfew, mask rules and other COVID restrictions will be taken to specially constructed sections built onto refugee camps where they will be detained.

Brandenburg state will move forward with a similar detention center plan to Saxony, while the state of Baden-Württemberg will confine COVID rebels to hospital rooms. Sounds cozy.

The northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein will be using juvenile detention centers to lock up COVID baddies.

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How is Germany Justifying This Enhanced Security Measure?

Germany is justifying taking people to camps under the Disease Prevention Act which was made into law last March in Germany’s parliament.

Despite being praised by the mainstream media for how it responded to COVID, Germany’s cases are rapidly on the rise with about 18,000 new cases per day, similar to New York which was praised by the media only to lock old people up in homes and have many die and now have an even worse situation than Florida which moved away from lockdown and strict restrictions last summer.

So much for “following the science.”

The new strain of COVID is apparently even more contagious, so it’s unclear how authorities will safely handle those who don’t follow the rules without potentially spreading the virus even more en route to the camps and inside the camps. It won’t be surprising to see German authorities dressed up in full biohazard suits and carting off COVID criminals in the coming months.

We have entered truly dystopian times.

Leader of Bavaria: There are ‘Too Few’ COVID Rules

Bavarian leader Markus Söder has been sounding off about the new COVID strain and says it is “clear” that there haven’t been enough rules put in place to stop the virus. When you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail, and big government types can’t wrap their head around the idea that their endless rules aren’t actually stopping the virus.

So they just make more rules and build even more camps.

Now the country is saying it will be at least 10 weeks more of “hard measures” to help stop the virus.

“If we do not manage to stop [the British strain], then we will have a ten-fold incidence by Easter,” Merkel said.

Germany currently has about 165 cases of COVID per 100,000 people and won’t lift its lockdown until they get that down to at least 50 per 100,000.

Who would have thought that in 2021 Germany would be building camps for those they think are bad once again, the United States would be swearing in a man with dementia speaking to an empty National Mall full of flags and people would be stuck in their homes dying of loneliness, economic disaster and many diseases which now can’t get proper treatment due to the COVID situation?

Communities need to work hard and lean on one another in these dark times, because it’s clear that the world is accelerating into a very dangerous and oppressive future.