Georgia Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff’s History of Friendliness With Communist China

Lithuanian-Americans for Lithuanian-Americans by Thomas Cizauskas is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Georgia’s Senate runoff elections are rapidly approaching and concerns are rising over Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff’s apparent support for Communist China.

In the past, the far-left Democrat has used his official Twitter account to promote the Chinese government propaganda news site Xinhua and has received money from anti-Hong-Kong democracy figures who support his campaign.

Ossoff’s History of Being Soft on China

It should come as no surprise that Ossoff has boosted Communist China. After all, he comes from the same party that helped ship most of America’s jobs over to be done by slave labor in the authoritarian police state and which has done nothing to stop China’s constant spying, sabotage and diplomatic games at the expense of the United States.

It’s also the party of Rep. Eric Swalwell, who had a long-term affair with a literal Chinese spy and hasn’t even gotten in trouble for it.

In 2012, several months after moving on from his job as a national security assistant to Georgia Representative Hank Johnson – which gave him top-secret clearance – Ossoff urged people to follow Xinhua, the Chinese government-controlled news outlet which has denied China’s ongoing genocide and enslavement of their minority Uighur population and helped demonize pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

Half a year later Ossoff posted an approving tweet about the “anti extravagance” of the Chinese army after a Xinhua piece talked about how they were making new diet rules for troops in order to keep them more fit. The eventual diet in any Communist country is air, and Ossoff should be smart enough to know that.

Taking Money from Anti-Democracy Media Exec Richard Li

Another China-related scandal that’s come up for Ossoff is his taking money from PCCW Media head Richard Li, a leading opponent of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. At first when it was exposed, Ossoff claimed it was a “paperwork error” but once his lie was revealed he admitted he’d gotten $950 but not reported it since it was under the $5,000 contribution where reporting it publicly is required.

After the scandal of taking money from Li, Ossoff claimed to support Hong Kong’s democracy movement. Sure. If you believe that I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Arizona.

Election ’06 by moria is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Time for Ossoff to Come Clean

Ossoff opponent David Perdue has called for him to come clean about his China connections, but Ossoff has not taken it well. Ossoff has gone on the offensive, claiming that Perdue is not only lying about him but is actually guilty of exactly the kind of things he’s trying to tar Ossoff with.

In fact, Ossoff has even gone one step further, claiming that it’s actually Perdue who has “deep ties to China” and is a fraud.  Specifically, Ossoff has accussed Perdue of being closely tied to China, selling out US jobs overseas and being a business failure.

The Democratic double standard on China is breathtaking. Not only have they failed to properly punish Swalwell for his extended affair with a Communist Chinese spy, they allow members like Ossoff to tweet out links to Chinese propaganda while giving them top secret clearance.

It’s time to look further into Ossoff’s potential China ties and a responsible media would also be pressing him on what exactly he thinks about the revelations surrounding China’s spying activities in the United States, the Biden family’s connections and corruption regarding China and the ongoing egregious human rights abuses Beijing is doing around the world – most especially their failure to be honest about the COVID-19 outbreak and their response to it.

Come on Jon, we’re all listening.