From Actor to Hero: Ukraine’s President Refuses to Flee War

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was an actor before being elected in 2019. Although his supporters were enthusiastic, nobody at the time expected him to be a serious leader.

He was a comedian who’d played the role of president on TV, not a man people thought really had what it took to make a difference in Ukraine. They were dead wrong.

Zelensky will go down in the history books with the greatest leaders of world history. He’s now inspired a nation and the world with his bravery in the face of Russia’s invasion.

As news comes out of Russia’s ongoing advance to Kyiv and assaults across Ukraine, the truth about what happened with Zelensky has now emerged.

Zelensky Refused to Leave Ukraine

Zelensky was reportedly offered a ride out of Ukraine by the US government as the war started. He said his job was to stay and fight. He said he didn’t need a “ride”; he needed “ammunition.”

Proving himself a true patriot, Zelensky is fully aware he might not make it out of this and Russia has a target on his back. He’s been warned by many, including the head of the CIA William J. Burns, that Russia wants him dead.

One of the few serious members of the Biden government, Burns, has been trying hard to get Zelensky to realize the danger he’s in and save himself to come back as leader once Ukraine survives this attack.

However, Zelensky has said no to efforts to get him out.

He appeared on a conference call with EU leaders saying they might not see him alive again. Later, there he was again with members of his government, assuring the people of Ukraine he was not going anywhere.

The People are Fighting Back

Automatic weapons are being handed out to Ukrainians who are willing to fight. Zelensky has also asked any Europeans or foreigners with combat or weapons-handling experience to come join in the defense of Ukraine.

The nation is fighting for its life and he’s right there with them. This is far from some fake propaganda operation.

Zelensky truly is in Ukraine and refusing to leave. His location is clearly secret since Russia has hit teams out trying to put him in the ground.

However, he’s putting his life on the line for his country when he could easily be watching what’s happening from a TV somewhere in Europe or America.

Along with people like Kyiv mayor and former boxing champion Vitali Klitschko, Zelensky is defending his homeland, instead of running away.

How many members of our Congress would do the same as Zelensky to put their life on the line to defend our nation? The number would surely be in the single digits.

The people and soldiers of Ukraine are proving far more determined and lethal than Russia ever expected; numerous heroes have already emerged.