Freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn Has Shocking Pizzagate-Style Accusation

Madison Cawthorn is a congressman from Asheville, North Carolina who’s represented the 11th district since last year.

Cawthorn quickly marked himself as an America First conservative who has no patience for the lies and perversions of his Democrat opponents.

At only 26-years-old, he’s already made it clear he plans to represent America for the long haul. Now, recent accusations from Cawthorn have shaken up DC.

Here’s what he’s saying…

Cawthorn Says He Was Asked to Cocaine-Fueled Orgies

According to Cawthorn, he was invited by an older individual he’s always looked up to to come to an orgy. He also said he’s seen prominent political and DC insiders doing cocaine in front of him.

Political commentators are mocking Cawthorn for this, saying only a populist, MAGA-type Republican would trust Cawthorn enough to invite him to such an event.

Others on the left are mocking that Cawthorn is in a wheelchair and his associated difficulty with sexual acts. The fact remains what he’s saying most likely is completely true and just the tip of the iceberg.

To take one obvious example, look at convicted child abuser Dennis Hastert.

He was a Republican from Illinois who abused multiple young boys, but served as Speaker of the House and occupied a seat in Congress from 1999 to 2007.

Then, there are all the other documented drug users and abusers in Congress who have been caught with their pants down. The list is long, and that’s not even getting into the shadier accusations and rituals which have been alleged.

QAnon and Conspiracies

Many have mocked Cawthorn for being part of the Republican wing, including people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has been noted as a QAnon believer. This is part of why some believe Cawthorn is just doing this to boost his credibility and appeal among his base.

The QAnon conspiracy started a few years ago.

A purported high-ranking US intelligence official claimed to begin leaking clues about patriots and “white hats” working to take down a dark, satanic cabal of child molesters highly placed in the US government and agencies.

QAnon didn’t come out of nowhere, and was preceded by scandals such as Pizzagate. This scandal arose out of e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, John Podesta, which used pedophile codewords for no apparent reason in multiple instances.

Disturbing pro-child molestation content on the Instagram of a local highly-connected DC pizza shop called Comet Ping Pong Pizza led to the “Pizzagate” conspiracy. This conspiracy said the place was trafficking kids for the DC elite to engage in horrific rituals.

The conspiracy was widely considered fully debunked after a young man went in with a gun and shot at a storage door demanding to be shown to a basement which doesn’t exist.

Others maintain the young man was a plant. They say the Comet storyline was actually bait filled with disturbing content and clues set up to mislead online sleuths from the very real abuse and child trafficking which does go on among DC elites.

What do you think? Is Cawthorn just sounding off here, or is he telling the truth?