Former Top Trump Adviser Gets Hit With Federal Investigation

Carl Icahn is a former Trump adviser who is worth an estimated $11.2 billion. Icahn’s company, Icahn Enterprises, is now seeing its stock plummet after a federal investigation was announced against him.

We all know this is happening because of Icahn’s ties to Trump and a closer look at the investigation proves it.

The Roots of a Scam Investigation

The investigation started after an Icahn Enterprises employee went public and accused Carl Icahn of fraudulent behavior. This basically started as a basic dispute over somebody short-selling Icahn’s stock, but turned into more without any real justification.

Federal prosecutors began investigating the company after the employee started complaining and providing the pretext.

On Wednesday, May 10, Icahn Enterprises issued an official document that acknowledged the company is being investigated in various aspects of its business.

According to the company’s document, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York began investigating the company earlier this month.

Seeing What Sticks

The prosecutor’s office has investigated several related issues, such as the offering of securities, corporate governance, marketing materials, capitalization, and dividend offerings.

The company said it was cooperating, and that so far, prosecutors have found nothing to substantiate the investigation. It’s clear that everything possible is being thrown against Icahn’s company as part of a political agenda.

In an official statement, Carl Icahn said accusations against his company are totally mistaken and it has never broken the law.

Icahn Enterprises has already been feeling a big drop in stock. Shortly after the release of the news of the federal investigation, the company’s stock fell more than 17 percent.

It’s been sliding since then. However, Icahn remains hopeful and says his company will soon recover. The U.S. Attorney’s Office has yet to issue any official comment on the case.

Target: Trump

It’s completely possible Icahn is only being persecuted because he was a Trump adviser.

Globalists have taken over many of our agencies and judiciary benches. The state of this country is reaching Soviet Union levels that should concern every patriot.