Former Staind Rockstar Aaron Lewis Leads “F*** Joe Biden” Chants at Concert

Aaron Lewis is the former head of the rock band Staind. They were big back in the day. Now, he has a solo career and does singer-songwriter music. His latest song “Am I the Only One?” has boosted a lot of conservatives’ morale.

The song is for patriots and its message is you are not alone in your disgust with the left and in your love for America. There are millions just like you who feel exactly the same way.

Lewis is keeping that spirit going, and at a recent concert in Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania he got the crowd fired up and trashing our senile POTUS.

“F*** Joe Biden!”

You might have heard about a chant spreading around America. It’s popped up at college football games, concerts, and other places. Here’s how it goes: “F*** Joe Biden! F*** Joe Biden!”

Lewis led the crowd in this chant, and he also had a shirt on with a very, very rude message for our POTUS. It’s all very well deserved, if you ask me. This chant is spreading because people know deep in their bones that Biden is letting this country down.

They know we don’t currently have a real president; we just have a globalist stalking horse who spouts Great Reset propaganda and lets Dr. Fauci drag him around while illegal immigrants flood into the country.

We’ve all had more than enough.

How Fast Are These Chants Spreading?

The chants are spreading rapidly. They started at only one or two football stadiums in the deep South, but they began going everywhere. As we can see, they’re now even all the way in Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton.

A big part of Biden’s whole act is that he’s a middle class type guy who appeals to working folks. The truth of the matter is that he made headlines for swearing at an auto worker in Detroit about gun control and working people like those in the Lewis crowd can’t stand him.

Sure, Biden may still have a few union folks blinded by his fake pro-worker rhetoric, but deep down, the working class is turning into Republicans.

Are You the Only One?

Lewis’ song about conservatives feeling persecuted passed Taylor Swift on iTunes. He’s obviously tapped into something big here. The fact that patriotic Americans have been made to feel like strangers in their own country is outrageous.

The chants at his concert are just more evidence that regular folks have had enough of the lies and propaganda. Not everyone in the crowd is political; in fact, I’d bet a lot of them don’t care that much about politics.

However, they’ve had enough of this country being dragged through the mud. They’ve had enough of the COVID, the lies, the open borders, the betrayal of our troops. You’re not alone!