Former Fox Host Bill O’Reilly Has Huge News About Trump

Bill O’Reilly used to be a host on Fox News, but since that time, he’s gone on to focus on his writing career and other media work. In a recent appearance on the show NewsNation, O’Reilly dropped huge news for 2024.

As a close friend of President Trump, O’Reilly is in the inner circle, and our former president has revealed something to him that’s going to thrill all America First patriots.

BREAKING: Trump Will Run Again in 2024

Appearing on NewsNation, O’Reilly revealed Trump just called him and said he will run again. According to O’Reilly, Trump called him after talking in Dallas about his support for the COVID vaccine.

O’Reilly spoke to Trump on the phone after and told him his record is a good one and there’s no need to change anything about what he did in his administration.

Although Trump has not said yet for sure whether or not he will run, O’Reilly said Trump is definitely running again. Trump himself stated he’s waiting to see how the 2022 midterms go, but O’Reilly said privately, Trump’s definitely committed to making another go of it.

How do readers feel on hearing this news? Does it come as a relief or do you believe somebody else would be better to lead the GOP this time around?

One Thing We Know For Sure

One thing we know for sure is Trump’s never been in a stronger position.

The Democrat Build Back Better agenda just got kneecapped brutally by Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Democrats’ 2022 outlook is a burning dumpster fire.

The Democrat Party is at one of the weakest points in its entire history, with more and more Americans of all kinds leaving their ranks and idiocy behind.

The lies during COVID, the economic collapse, the crime waves destroying our cities and the horrible humiliation in Afghanistan are too much for normal Americans. They don’t want anymore of getting their face rubbed in the dirt by the Democrat donkey cult.

With news now starting to leak that Hillary Clinton might also be considering another run for president, we could see a repeat of 2016 with even more intensity and even higher stakes for the country.

The Bottom Line

Trump is running. Clinton might be running. To be perfectly honest, it makes sense.

As corrupt and malicious as she is, Hillary Clinton is the only halfway intelligent candidate currently left among the Democrats who has actual name recognition and draws a crowd.

The Democrat field is desiccated and dried up. Kamala Harris is a massive disaster. Biden can’t find his way to a bathroom and their other media stars are embroiled in various scandals and disappointments.

It’s looking more and more like Trump vs. Clinton 2024.