Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out the Biden Regime’s Fascism

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard knows just how bad the left can be. As a Democrat from Hawaii, she’s been inside the inner workings of the party machine and seen how the sausage is made.

Despite dropping out of the race for president and endorsing Joe Biden in 2020, Gabbard has never been a yes woman. She speaks her mind and stands for American values, even when the left hates her for it.

As a woman who’s served this country in battle, Gabbard isn’t about to let some lily-livered liberals tell her what she can say or not. Her latest comments have got Biden’s ears burning.

Tulsi Takes Out Biden With a Knockout Punch

First off, Gabbard did the forbidden thing that leftists aren’t supposed to do; she went on Fox News to talk to conservatives. I know Fox has sold out in many ways, but it’s still a big step when someone from the “other side” talks to real America on Fox.

In an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro, Gabbard tore Biden a new one, saying he’s failed to secure our border, completely fouled up his COVID response, and abandoned our allies and Americans in Afghanistan.

As Gabbard said, any “trust” that Americans have in Biden and his incompetent crew is decreasing “every day” that his failures continue. That’s going to leave a mark! Yet it’s so, so true!

Biden’s Lies Have Got To Stop

As Gabbard said to Judge Jeanine, Biden’s lies have become simply outrageous. At least under Trump, there was action and results. Under Biden, there is useless shuffling, falling down airplane steps, and lying about everything from the Afghanistan pullout to our border.

According to Biden, we’re doing the best we can and the situation is more or less unavoidable. According to Gabbard, he’s full of crap and his “lies” and “arrogance” have reached an intolerable level.

I don’t know about our readers, but I’m definitely going to weigh in with Tulsi on this one folks.

Tulsi Slams Biden’s ‘Disrespect’ for Our People

Perhaps the most devastating Gabbard said to Judge Jeanine is Biden’s “disrespect” for citizens shows just how little he trusts the goodness of the American people. The awful truth is Biden thinks we’re idiots and treats us like idiots.

He doesn’t like the American people and he expects complete obedience. Biden thinks he’s on a superior moral plane (as he’s saying the script globalists give him) that makes him some kind of hero.

He doesn’t realize that everyday, tens of thousands more Americans see through the act. My only advice here for Mr. B. is to buy a nice full length mirror and take a good, long look in it. You might be surprised at just what a mess you see, Mr. President.