Former AG Bill Barr Exposes Leftist Indoctrination of Public Education

Attorney General Bill Barr recently gave a speech where he told the cold, hard truth about public education in America. 

As Barr said, public education is becoming an “increasingly militant” and also very “secular-progressive” place. In this place, free thought is discouraged and kids and teens are indoctrinated. 

Unless you want critical race theory and cultural Marxism shoved down the throat of your kids, I would recommend paying attention to the warning and advice that Barr gave; his remarks arrived in his speech to the religious liberty legal defense group Alliance Defending Freedom.

What’s Going on in America’s Public Schools?

In his comments, Barr basically said that schools have been caught in the crossfire of a perfect storm.

On the one side, you have Supreme Court rulings that are far left; on the other, you have institutions from the media to the corporate world that have been overrun with woke leftist ideology and teachings. 

Public schools are supposed to be neutral on religion, but that’s not the reality. 

As Barr pointed out, they actively push atheist beliefs and “secular-progressive orthodoxy,” while attacking Christianity and other religions.

What is Barr’s Solution?

According to Barr, the state of public education and its propaganda means that it’s now time to withdraw government funding from public schools. 

Barr said many parents from older generations are unaware of the leftist ideology being pushed on their kids and the anti-American, anti-Christian views being taught in the classroom. 

It might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not.

American kids across the country are being taught that this country is more or less bad, that God doesn’t exist (or is stupid), and that pride in your country, gender, or religion is egotistical and bad. 

They are being made weak, degenerate, and stupid by the very system that’s supposed to build them up and prepare them for a successful life. 

Time to Bring Religion Back into the Classroom?

The idea of allowing religion back in the classroom may bother many; however, there’s an argument that removing prayer from schools is part of what led down the dark path of where we are today. 

At the very least, schools need to open up again to religion and stop pushing leftist views on kids. 

If not, there should be increased and better ways to fire ideological zealot teachers and replace them with people who want to teach, not indoctrinate. 

Children and teens are vulnerable, often emotionally able to be influenced in strong ways. When you present them a simplistic (and false) view of the world in which they have to become a secular extreme progressive to be a “good guy,” many of them will accept that and go along with it.

Not to mention the power of peer pressure. 

Barr is right: it’s time to start getting serious about turning public education around.