Florida’s Ron DeSantis Shows How Much He Actually Respects Our Police

At this point, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is basically the Babe Ruth of American politics. He just keeps hitting home run after home run.

This is especially true on COVID, where DeSantis has led the way in standing up to the bio-fascist tyranny of the Biden regime. Florida doesn’t allow vaccine mandates or mask mandates and its economy has stayed open while blue America suffocates.

Now, DeSantis has come up with a way to show support for police and stand up to insane COVID rules of Biden and the CDC. Instead of just talking, DeSantis is offering a cash incentive to police officers who relocate to Florida because of being fired for not getting the COVID vaccine.

DeSantis Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is

This is a perfect example of DeSantis putting his money where his mouth is. He’s not just saying vaccine mandates are un-American; he’s offering money to those who’ve lost their jobs to these mandates.

Specifically, DeSantis says the Florida legislature wants to “recruit” officers from out of state who’ve lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates or been treated badly in defund the police blue states.

DeSantis hopes laws will come through in Florida to offer a “$5,000 bonus” to officers who move to take a job in Florida. In his announcement, DeSantis specifically referenced “Seattle” and “Minneapolis” as examples where officers may feel they aren’t being “treated” the way they should be.

This includes the federal vaccine mandate, which DeSantis noted is “unconstitutional” and horrible for the economy. As DeSantis said, it only takes a small percentage of people leaving the workforce to start tanking everything; fields like policing are going to be in near collapse if people keep leaving.

Florida, meanwhile, wants to stay safe. Therefore, DeSantis’ idea of a $5,000 out of state recruitment bonus is in the works. Details have not yet been announced, but it’s safe to say this is going to be a popular idea for officers trapped in progressive states.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is this: DeSantis respects America and the Constitution; Joe Biden doesn’t. If Biden continues with his policies, our economy is going to go down the toilet and inflation is going to get worse.

Just recently, DeSantis humiliated Biden over the jammed cargo ships at our ports in New York and California, noting the port of Jacksonville, Florida is wide open.

At the end of the day, the choice is becoming increasingly stark. Do you want to stay in dangerous, lawless states full of drug addicts and vaccine mandates…or do you want to be in states that respect the law, have healthy families, and let people make their own medical decisions?

DeSantis has made it clear where Florida stands; in the future, Florida is going to become an even more attractive place to live.