Florida Teacher Tried to Do Something So Perverted It’s Hard to Even Say Out Loud

There are people in this world who don’t deserve to live.

People so sick, so depraved and so dangerous that they cannot ever be permitted to exist among the rest of us in public society.

One of these individuals has been caught in Florida: an elementary school teacher who is alleged to have done something so perverted and horrific that it could land him in jail for two decades. 

The case concerns 28-year-old fourth grade teacher Xavier Alexander who teaches at Grove Park Elementary School in Palm Beach Gardens. 

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What is Alexander Charged With?

According to Palm Beach police, Alexander tried to go meet a two-year-old baby to have sex with it and arranged the whole thing online. In addition to being a fourth grade teacher, Alexander had himself listed on a website as a babysitter around the area. 

What do you think the chances are that he was also abusing kids in person?

Alexander is being held on $1 million bond and being defended by a public defender. His employer the Palm Beach School district claimed to be “shocked and appalled” by the charges and says they are working closely with the authorities to provide any assistance that is needed. He has been suspended until the investigation and trial concludes.

The school district insists that none of Alexander’s wrongdoing happened at school, but it is helping to provide support through psychologists and others who can counsel kids who may be disturbed and anxious after hearing their teacher is accused of being someone who wants to have sex with babies and small kids. 

Alexander’s defense team did not provide any comment to media. 

If he’s found guilty of traveling to meet a two-year-old for sex and asking for that sex online, Alexander could be looking at up to 20 years in jail. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if Alexander is guilty of what he’s accused of then time behind bars is far from being enough punishment. If he is found guilty, he should certainly be chemically castrated, barred from being near any kids ever again in his life and made of use to the nation in dangerous medical experiments, frontline bomb-defusing and harmful and difficult physical labor. 

There is no reason that someone of this kind should be allowed to sit out their life reading behind bars when they are being driven by a desire to sexually copulate with two-year-olds. 

Regardless of what may or may not have happened to cause someone to become so distorted as to want to violate infants, they are beyond the realm of just perverted or abusive. People of this kind are poisonous monsters who deserve no human rights or consideration and should be treated as the worst kind of scum on the planet. 

Rather than getting nice meals in jail and therapy or all sorts of legal privileges, they should be treated like the garbage they are. 

Instead, they should be monitored everywhere they go, barred from using the internet, followed around and questioned at any time, brought up for police interrogations constantly, sterilized, used to test out dangerous new vaccines and as a human shield in foreign conflicts. 

We can only hope that Alexander did not get the chance to abuse anyone in person and that police managed to catch him before he was able to follow through on any of his child sex desires. Further details of the investigation are still not yet being released, although Alexander is clearly high on the radar of authorities looking into just how far his pedophilia went. 

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