Florida Plans Some Restrictions for This Year’s Spring Break

Crowd at Girl Talk - Spring Break 2009 by Rafael Robayna - ecocentrik.com is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Florida has been a frustration for progressives and the Democratic party.

Governor Ron DeSantis refused to keep strict lockdowns in place over last year, but instead of leading to an apocalypse of death and horror as the media said it would it didn’t have any noticeable impact on COVID rates.

In fact, New York state which implemented strict lockdowns and quarantines had much higher deaths and COVID rates than Florida.

Now Spring Break is coming up, a time when college students and partygoers go wild, and Florida is getting prepared, with Miami Beach in particular expecting a huge wave of party animals to show up in the coming weeks.

Flights are much cheaper than many other destinations and hotels are priced low. But Florida will still be putting in a few more rules than usual.

Here’s what’s going to change.

Girl Talk – Spring Break 2009 by Rafael Robayna – ecocentrik.com is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Miami Beach Preps for Spring Break

The first thing to understand is that Miami Beach is run by a Democrat: Mayor Dan Gelber. So it’s no surprise that Gelber has sought out media attention and is trying to tone down this year’s party, since he either believes – or pretends to believe – all the official party lines on COVID.

“We could potentially see a truly outsized spring break at a time when the last thing we want are major gatherings,” Gelber said, noting that bars, clubs and restaurants will only be able to fill up to 50% capacity maximum. They can’t be such down since DeSantis has an executive order prohibiting that.

Restrictions are already at a higher level around Miami Beach, however, and cops hand out masks, which is at least a nice touch. There’s also a midnight curfew and no alcohol or music on the beach. Music in nightclubs and bars has to be kept to a medium level as well.

That should stop COVID, for sure.

It’s starting to sound more like these rules were made for the benefit of NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) people, not to stop the coronavirus.

Party People Snap Back

Party people are fighting back by just moving the good times to boats, although the city is now saying they’ll be policing those too to make sure that they all have the right licenses and aren’t playing music that’s too loud.

“If you are coming here with an anything-goes party attitude, change your flight reservation now and go to Vegas. Miami Beach is not going to tolerate anarchy,” said city manager Raul Aguila.

While it’s true that Florida has a high infection rate of cases compared to the national average, DeSantis’ approach has overall proven not to be the disaster that Democrats said it would be.

Nonetheless, other Florida cities including St. Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale and Clearwater are also putting in place more patrols, alcohol limits and other rules to keep things from getting too wild.

Nobody envies the cops who will be out and about telling party people to have less fun on the beaches, but maybe this can be a way to stop transmission. At the end of the day the fact is that doing things halfway in the way that Democratic run Florida cities appear to be going for is likely not going to actually impact the situation of the virus.

The problem is lockdowns don’t appear to have stopped the virus either. Which leaves you right back in the position advocated by DeSantis: common sense, taking care of your health, hygiene and go about your life.

Now is not necessarily the best time to be partying it up, but at the same time can you really blame people for wanting to live it up a little after more than a year being cooped up inside with no end in sight?