Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Trolls Biden in the Best Way Ever

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become a well-known name across America. That’s because, unlike so many conservatives who just talk, DeSantis takes action.

He stepped up to open Florida’s ports when the logistics crisis was hitting; he’s helped pass legislation to stop COVID vax mandates and mask mandates. Also, the Florida governor kept his state open while Democrats try to strangle the country.

Now, DeSantis is taking on illegal immigration and he’s come up with an epic way to troll Biden and his corrupt, treasonous regime.

DeSantis Makes a Deal With the Devil

Florida’s 2022-23 budget is under consideration and DeSantis has come up with a proposal. He’s putting $8 million in that budget on the side to use for taking illegal aliens north where they’ll be welcome.

The Freedom First Budget proposes to bring illegal aliens found in Florida up to the District of Columbia (DC), Joe Biden’s state of Delaware, and the exclusive rich kids’ island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

This way, illegal immigrants can enjoy a nice quality of life. They can live close to Barack Obama’s massive Martha’s Vineyard villa and Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Beach mansion.

It’s heartwarming to see DeSantis putting the good of the illegal immigrants first; we can hopefully be sure that Biden and Obama will welcome these good people into their neighborhoods.

Considering more than 1.6 million illegals have been apprehended at our southern border so far this year, we’re not talking about only a few people either.

Hopefully, Obama’s cooks are prepped to make dinner for 10,000 illegal immigrant Haitians, because we all know Democrats care so much about compassion for those in need.

DeSantis Mocks Biden

As DeSantis said about his new plan, it would get our border “secure” immediately. The truth is that Biden, Obama, and the rest of the corrupt left don’t actually give a hoot about immigrants or human rights.

They give a hoot about power, and illegal immigrants are the trump card they use to destabilize the country, funnel in new voters, and bulk up spending programs that keep people addicted to the drip of dependency and high taxes.

It’s a vicious cycle, and DeSantis is right to make fun of it. Biden and his crew don’t deserve respect or serious consideration, because they’re not serious people. This is the second time DeSantis said he would try to send illegals to Delaware.

Part of the reason the Florida governor so ticked off is that he’s caught Biden flying in planes to Florida illegals who got caught on the Mexico border. If Biden wants to send random foreigners to DeSantis’ state, why shouldn’t DeSantis send random foreigners to Biden’s state?

Fair is fair.

The Bottom Line

DeSantis is putting his state first because Biden won’t. It’s sad that our White House is currently occupied by someone who won’t stand up for our country or its laws.