Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Stands Up to Biden’s Vaccine Tyranny

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a rare beacon of light during these dark times. As the Biden regime tries to drown Americans in COVID lies, DeSantis has thrown out a life raft and welcomed refugees into Florida.

Biden pretends not to care much who DeSantis is or know about the governor’s actions, but it’s obvious he does know and does care. DeSantis is embarrassing Biden on almost a daily basis by showing how insane and wrong Biden’s policies are.

The latest round of this fight came recently as DeSantis slammed Biden’s new vaccine mandate.

Biden Starts Fight He Can’t Win

Biden has been going after DeSantis with cheap shots for months now. Here’s how it works: Biden pretends to not know or care who DeSantis is and then low-key insults him in various ways without mentioning him by name.

Just like every coward, Biden won’t come out and openly face his opponent, so he takes cheap shots from beside the ring. However, DeSantis knows exactly what our senile POTUS is doing, and slammed Biden for his juvenile insults.

According to Biden, Florida is an example of a reckless and dangerous state that doesn’t respect science. DeSantis took issue with that, saying “parents’ rights” and his state economy are his priority and he’s not going to let Biden’s federal regime step in and overrule it.

DeSantis Slams Biden’s ‘Unprecedented Mandate’

DeSantis said he’s outraged by Biden’s “unprecedented mandate” and his attempt to overrule families and state legislation with his federal regime. DeSantis said the biggest problem with Biden is he constantly ducks “responsibility.”

That’s so true. Look at Afghanistan and all of Biden’s excuses as he abandoned our allies and troops to die. Meanwhile, DeSantis saved his biggest knockout punch for the end. Biden will be literally dazed after this.

As DeSantis said, Biden promised when he was elected that he’d wipe out COVID. Well, despite all the vaccinations of 65% of Americans, COVID is now up by 300%. As DeSantis noted, Biden’s regulations are “not working.”

Biden is ‘Doubling Down’ on Failed Policies

As DeSantis said, Biden is “doubling down” on failed policies. In the process, it’s crushing our economy, dividing families, forcing people out of their jobs, and doing absolutely nothing to actually stop COVID.

Another example DeSantis raised is someone with natural immunity who’s being told now that they can’t work, but those with an ineffective vaccine (where they can still spread the disease) can work. It’s just totally illogical and ridiculous.

The Democrats and their mainstream media partners just relentlessly push propaganda that’s not even based on science or facts and the American people are getting sick of it. Biden deserves to be humiliated like this on a daily basis. Good work, Governor DeSantis.