Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is About To Take a Sledgehammer to Disney

The Walt Disney Company started out as a family business. It was all about imagination, adventure, and celebrating life.

Though over the years, its content became darker, stranger, and more sexualized.

Like a theater curtain pulled back and revealing a vat of maggots, the entertainment chain was recently exposed for intentionally trying to indoctrinate kids about alternative sexual identities in their content.

This all came about because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis put through a law to stop kids from learning about sex in kindergarten and it made Disney angry.

Now, the mask is off and the battle lines are clear: child groomers versus patriotic Americans.

DeSantis is about to deliver a legislative sledgehammer to these revolting groomers.

Disney’s About To Get Taken To the Woodshed in Florida

Specifically, DeSantis pointed out Florida’s lawmakers will be talking this week about taking away Disney’s right to self-government in his state.

What this means is that special laws which give Disney advantages in running its businesses and theme parks throughout Florida could potentially be stripped away.

This includes the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which is crucial to a lot of Disney’s advantages in the state of Florida and business operations there.

Disney already stopped all political donations to the GOP after what they called a “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This is nothing of the kind and is actually just to stop young kids from learning about inappropriate sexual topics.

Disney decided to fight DeSantis and the American family; now they’re finding out the consequences.

This has already gone through committee at the Florida statehouse and now moves through the House process. It was tabled by state Congressman Randy Fine, who noted that Disney is a “guest” in their state, not its master.

As Fine said, now is time for a “reminder” to Disney that they can’t just trash a state which gives them immense privileges.

DeSantis Calls Out Disney’s Unfair Advantage

The fact of the matter is we saw what happens when huge corporations try to crush small businesses and the family. During COVID, giants like Walmart were allowed to stay open while small businesses were forced shut.

We were told it was because they were essential, but everyone knows it’s because their lobbyists just paid enough to the right people. The same goes for Disney. If they want to go woke, they can go broke.

Looking through the various advantages the company acquired in the late 1960s in Florida, DeSantis said he was “shocked” at what he found, including Disney’s right to power themselves by building a “nuclear power plant.”

Disney can’t figure out what makes a boy a boy and a girl a girl; so I think most of us would agree it would be better if they stay very far away from operating a nuclear power plant.

In any case, it’s time for Disney to learn what life is like for the rest of us operating in the free market.

The Bottom Line

A lot still remains unknown about this potential change, but if Disney does lose its self-governing rights, it absolutely had it coming.