Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Has Urgent Message for Cuba’s Military

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a new message for the people of Cuba. Specifically, he wants to talk to their Armed Forces. The Cuban people are struggling for freedom after decades under an oppressive communist government and DeSantis understands that now is the time for action.

The best chance of real change, according to our popular Florida governor, is for the military to take matters into their own hands. 

DeSantis to Cuban Military: ‘Be Heroic’

DeSantis is calling on the Cuban military to rise up from the inside and throw off the communist shackles. After being asked about whether the US could send troops, DeSantis – a veteran himself – said that he believes the best way to get rid of Cuban dictator Miguel Canel-Diaz and his “repressive dictatorship” is for the military to rise up. 

As DeSantis said, there is no “consent” among the people to be ruled by these awful communists and he encouraged the military to “be heroic.”

DeSantis says that if they turn against their oppressive government they can have a role in restarting a “free Cuba” and having a real and “free Republic.” Doing so would “help millions of people,” according to DeSantis. 

Will the Military Listen to DeSantis?

Cubans have run away in rafts and boats every year towards Miami. They have millions of Americans and ex-Cubans backing them. 

However, will the military listen to DeSantis after 62 years of being under the jackboot of a repressive communist regime? At this point that is anyone’s guess. 

It is possible the United States has more resources and advisers in place on the ground than is currently publicly known. 

It’s also clearly correct that many members of the military have family and friends whose lives have been negatively affected by the government policies. 

If even only 10% listen to DeSantis and stop fighting for their government (or work to actively undermine it), then you can be sure that it will make a massive difference and could even start to help turn the tide. Governments like Diaz’s only respect one thing: force and power. 

US Policy on Cuba

Biden’s been looking back over US policy on Cuba. Obama opened travel back up and relaxed the embargo, but Trump put everything back on just as strict. 

Biden has said some good things about Cuba lately, including admitting that “communism is a failed system,” but he hasn’t yet backed it up with action. 

Liberals say that US policies are to blame for the economic and political problems in Cuba. Maybe they would like to move there and try to fix them themselves? I’m sure once the American role is reduced and the Cuban government has more power, everything would be hunky dory, right?