Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Has Great News

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has been in the news a lot over the past two years. He mainly made headlines for standing up to illogical COVID restrictions and keeping Florida’s economy open.

He’s also gotten a lot of attention for being one of the leading contenders for president in 2024 and recent tensions with former President Trump over the past several months.

Though on the personal side, DeSantis has also been dealing with a difficult time in his family ever since his wife Casey was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, DeSantis has some very good news to share with Florida and the nation.

Casey is Cancer-Free!

In a video posted to his Twitter on March 3, DeSantis thanked everyone who has prayed and sent good wishes for his wife Casey. She underwent treatment and surgery. DeSantis said he is overjoyed to say she’s now “cancer-free.”

DeSantis said everyone who wished his wife the best has made a “tremendous” impact. He also noted he wants to tell women struggling with breast cancer to stay in the fight and to know they can beat it.

DeSantis said Casey is not fully healed by any means, but he and she are both “confident” that her recuperation will go well and she will continue to improve.

This is excellent news for DeSantis and his whole family, including his kids.

It’s painful to remember how the liberal media was attacking him at one point and fomenting all sorts of conspiracy theories when he was actually just attending his wife’s chemo appointments.

DeSantis Says He’s ‘Blessed,’ and ‘Grateful’

DeSantis is a proud American, a veteran, and a conservative. He is a model for what Americans used to be like, long before woke nonsense and left-wing disloyalty to the flag.

He and his family are wonderful people and their three children Madison (5), Mason (3) and Mamie (2) are a lovely sight to see happy and well.

It’s not only about appearances, though.

DeSantis has brought his family values and support for hard work and success. This includes numerous things that have boosted Florida’s economy, including making the Jacksonville Port even more of a trade hub and funding semiconductor research and manufacture.

Casey has also been a model First Lady of Florida, taking charge of the Hope Florida project to improve people’s situations and make sure kids and parents have the best lives possible.

Casey’s First Lady Career

Casey is a champion horse rider, as well as a university grad and broadcast journalist.

She has also done a lot to help low-income folks in Florida, struggling addicts in recovery, and children who don’t have parents. She has a compassionate heart and her Pathway to Prosperity program helped a lot of people.

She’s also behind another program called Resiliency Florida that partners up with pro athletes to address mental health in students.

It tells students it’s alright to admit when they’re struggling and gives them numerous opportunities to get help and inspiration in school when they’re dealing with bullying or going through a tough time.

For someone who cares so much for others, Casey absolutely deserves this good news, as does Ron and the whole family.