Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Drops the Harsh Truth About the Biden Regime and COVID

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a leading contender to be our next president and a voice of truth in these dark times. Speaking recently on the Mark Levin Show, DeSantis dropped major truth about the Biden regime’s disgusting hypocrisy on COVID.

Specifically, DeSantis brought up what the rest of us are all noticing but are being told doesn’t matter.The Biden gang is letting thousands of illegal immigrants stream into the country with no court date.

This is happening as official are telling us all to get our booster shots and forcing kids to mask up when they go back to school. We’re living in upside-down world (also known as a country currently run by Democrats).

DeSantis Destroys Liberal Lies

Speaking about the Biden regime’s pathetic hypocrisy, DeSantis said that the regime’s desire to have kids “muzzled” with masks is very strange considering they are letting random people from other countries across the border.

As DeSantis said, “they don’t give a damn” when it comes to COVID or stopping it. They just want to control us. Medical experts almost all agree that masks are not necessary for kids, so why the psychological warfare and liberal lies?

You can see leftists all over Twitter trying to attack and undermine DeSantis because they want to blame him for the virus. Meanwhile vaccinated people spreading the virus by the millions are being praised for somehow saving us all?

This is insane!

We Are Being Led by Losers

The Biden regime aren’t just incompetent losers, they’re also anti-American. As DeSantis said to Levin, the illegals are “pouring in” and they’re releasing them without court dates. We’re back to catch and release for a bunch of random people who could have any disease under the sun. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us are being told how to live our lives by unelected bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci and his white coat fascists. This needs to end now and more politicians need to forcefully call out the lies in the way that DeSantis is doing. 

Where Does DeSantis Stand?

DeSantis supports the COVID vaccine and has done plenty to prevent the virus, but that’s not enough for liberals. As you can see in the above tweet, they demand that he also bow down to worship their white coats. 

However, the problem is that DeSantis actually does believe in science. Science says that Fauci and the rest of them are absolutely incompetent fools who don’t deserve to be told the time of day. 

They certainly don’t deserve to be running our lives and ruining them. If you believe that the constant lies and misinformation of Fauci has saved lives, then you are probably a liberal. 

DeSantis is right and the Biden regime is wrong. We can prevent COVID and still act like normal human beings. Let’s stop this charade.