Flood of Illegals Set To Hit Border as Title 42 Expires

President Trump had an important law in place during his presidency called Title 42. This law allowed many more immediate deportations of illegals at the border.

Joe Biden has shown he’s not serious about securing the border; now, it’s about to get even worse, with Title 42 expiring in less than a month on May 11.

What Comes Next?

Agents working on the border have already been told what’s going to happen. When illegals know it will be much harder to turn them back, they’re going to arrive by the thousands.

Approximately 5.5 million illegal immigrants have been caught crossing our southern border since Biden took office.

That level of crisis just can’t be overstated. The fact that it’s about to get even worse should shock and outrage every patriot.

For one thing, negligent and treasonous Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas needs to be impeached.

This has been needed for some time now, but as the end of Title 42 approaches, the urgency increases. This guy needs to go and someone needs to be put in charge who actually wants to uphold US law.

How Can It Get Worse?

Last year, there were over 2.3 million illegals caught crossing the border, so it’s hard to see how this can get any worse, but it can.

Agents on the southern border are now being told to prepare to interview up to 1,000 people a day about why they can’t go home.

These interviews, known as credible fear interviews (or CFIs) determine whether somebody has any merit behind their asylum claim.

Agents on the ground say there isn’t a real plan being offered to them, and also note that the detention areas don’t have space for anywhere near the number of people who are likely coming.

DHS Silent

The DHS hasn’t said anything about their specific plans lately, just noting in January that they will do everything as normal once Title 42 expires.

This is nothing but passing the buck and has no actual hard information. Recent requests for interviews with DHS have gone unanswered. America has never been more vulnerable.