Flood of Illegals Released into Country with No Court Date by Biden Regime

The Biden regime hates America. Here’s what I mean by that: they hate America because they do not support Americans or the upholding of our law and Constitution. Pretty simple. 

The latest example comes as the Biden gang releases 50,000 illegal immigrants into our nation without even setting them court dates. Of course, even with court dates, nobody would show up, but this brazen action shows just how bad things have gotten. 

What the Hell Happened?

The illegals who have been let loose were told to show up at an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) station and register, but less than one in ten do so.  The amount of illegals pouring over our border is insanely high, so now the Biden regime is doing what they do in San Francisco and other blue utopias.

When the crime gets too bad you solve it by just… refusing to enforce the law at all. This is so, so bad. There aren’t even words to describe the danger this country is in from the Biden regime, its actions and policies at this point. 

From any angle you look at it, we are in a crisis. Take just COVID alone: Biden and his brood have told us how concerned they are about the virus, even claiming the unvaccinated are “killing people,” but now they’ll let 50,000 strangers loose in the country? 

This is either an incredibly stupid government or a treasonous government. There is no third option. 

Catch and Release Insanity 

Trump’s head immigration policymaker Stephen Miller is sounding the alarm on this; as he says, we still haven’t even seen all the necessary data on Biden’s awful “catch and release” policy. 

As Miller notes, they’re using taxpayer money and our national resources to flood the country with illegals…at the bare minimum we have a right to know why and how. Catch and release is completely illegal and evil. 

As Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas pointed out, the Biden regime is doing this as a backdoor to “massive amnesty.” While they bar Cubans whose lives are in danger from claiming asylum here, the Democrats are fine with importing millions more voters and low-wage workers in to undermine our economy. 

The Lawlessness Cannot Continue

The Biden regime cannot be trusted. This must now be treated like a police investigation. We demand they turn over all evidence of what they are doing at our southern border to the American people. 

As President Trump said, when you don’t have borders you don’t have a country. It’s pretty damn simple. The globalists running our current government want us not to have a country, but those of us who are still patriots will not comply with their globalist agenda

This lawlessness cannot continue!