Five Counties in Eastern Oregon Will Vote on Leaving the Ultra-Leftist State and Joining Idaho Instead

Welcome to Idaho sign by Trevor.Huxham is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Many Americans in blue states like California and New York have been packing up their bags and leaving.

They’ve mostly been choosing red states: places like Texas and Florida where regulations for small business are still reasonable and taxes are low.

They’re also places where the culture isn’t completely in the toilet yet.

Now residents of five Oregon counties will be voting whether to leave the state and join Idaho. The movement to separate from the Beaver State is being spearheaded by the “Move Oregon’s Border” group.

Oregon by Daniel Eynis is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

What’s the Plan?

The Oregon counties of Baker, Lake, Sherman, Malheur and Grant will have a special election in May 18 on whether to join Idaho. These conservative counties are run by Portland and they are not happy about it.

More than the required signatures were easily collected to hold the special election and it definitely looks possible that these counties will vote separate out and join Idaho. However to actually get approval to join Idaho is a completely other issue which is extremely unlikely to be approved. Still it would make a strong point and make some headlines if they do vote to leave.

In particular, the head of the Move Oregon’s Border group Mike McCarter said that Oregon’s fanatically progressive Governor Kate Brown has rubbed residents the wrong way on numerous things.

For one thing, Brown’s COVID restrictions have hurt small business and angered many residents of the counties, as has her bizarre prioritization of non-White people to get COVID assistance. In addition, her tolerance for the violence of Antifa and putting Portland as a total priority above Oregon’s rural communities is a slap in the face.

“This state protects Antifa arsonists, not normal Oregonians, it prioritizes one race above another for vaccines and program money and in the school curriculum, and it prioritizes Willamette Valley above rural Oregon,” McCarter said angrily.

‘A Way to Keep the Peace’

The Move Oregon’s Borders group is partly successful so far, but two of its counties have slightly less support than the others for joining up with Idaho. According to McCarter, however, this intiative is actually about bringing tensions down not increasing them.

“Divisions in Oregon are getting dangerous, so we see the relocation of the border as a way to keep the peace. It’s not divisive. Oregon and Idaho are already divided by a state line. The problem is that the location of the state line was decided 161 years ago and is now outdated. Its current location doesn’t match the cultural divide in Oregon,” McCarter explained.

As for those who are against the proposed changes, their solution is simple: if you don’t like being in Oregon then pick up and move to Idaho. However, that’s not necessarily an option for everyone and in any case McCarter and his group said their issue isn’t with where they live, it’s with the bureaucratic state government that has power over them.

“We love our communities. We’re tied into them. It’s just the state government that we can’t stand,” McCarter explained.

Oregon is about as blue as you can get, with all its higher government institutions run by Democrats. That’s why even if they vote to leave these counties’ decision would have to be approved by Oregon’s state government and Congress, both of which are unlikely, particularly on the state side.

Despite having a popular page shut down on Facebook for supposedly violating standards, McCarter and his group are moving ahead and hope for success in their endeavor, encouraged by the amount of support they see and the common sense of their cause.