Federal Reserve Insider’s Shocking Warning About Where Economy is Headed

Thomas Hoenig is a former president of the Federal Reserve bank in Kansas City. For years now, he’s been trying to explain when you print money without fixing the economy, you set us all up for collapse.

Now, at 75-years-old, this Fed insider is warning America will fall if it doesn’t change course as soon as possible.

What is He Warning About?

The Fed has been getting more and more involved in the US economy in a way that’s shocking everyone who understands the danger of this. In fact, between 2008 to 2014, the Fed pumped over $3.5 trillion in new money into our economy.

For the first century it was established, the Fed didn’t even print this much money! It’s an insane amount of cash being printed out; it’s created a massive bubble that’s eventually going to burst.

People like Hoenig are trying to warn about this, even though their warnings have mostly been ignored. The Fed calls it “quantitative easing.” Hoenig voted against it every chance he got, but the simple problem is he was outnumbered.

The majority of other people on the Fed board when he worked there believed printing money was a sacred mission and they always voted for it. Now, we’re looking at record inflation and paying a very high price, as we teeter on the precipice of collapse.

Hoenig Was Right

As early as 2010, Hoenig was voting against printing money and pumping up our economic bubble. This put him squarely in the sights of liberal big spender Fed chairman Ben Bernanke.

Bernanke’s philosophy can be boiled down to: let the printing press roll!

This is part of what led to our disaster of today. Hoenig tried to warn everyone we were going to see huge inflation, but it got in the way of their Keynesian ideas, so they ignored him.

As politicians like former Congressman Ron Paul and current Senator Rand Paul have warned, rolling out money every day is a recipe for disaster.

The Fed system itself is based on a small elite having the power to make money, while the rest of us see the dollars in our pocket disappear into thin air. It’s a scam; people like Hoenig who try to warn about it get shown to an early retirement.

The Bottom Line

We need to be very critical of the Biden regime and its liberal economic cronies at the Fed and elsewhere. These people don’t care that inflation is hitting families hard.

As we’ve seen from folks like VP Kamala Harris, a rising cost of everything we need for our daily necessities is just a joke to them. They don’t care.

The rest of us who have to deal with this runaway inflation care a lot, and we’re sick of the lies.