Fauci Tells Ridiculous Lies About New Omicron Variant

We are now being flooded with news and propaganda 24/7 about the new “Omicron” variant. It sounds scary, right? It’s basically a mutated form of COVID that is apparently less dangerous than regular COVID, but still highly infectious.

The vaccines don’t stop it; the South African doctor who found it, Angelique Coetzee, has said it’s no reason to panic. Yet, Dr. Fauci isn’t missing a beat and is already telling us we should panic and drop everything.

COVID in California!

Fauci is now warning there’s a case of COVID in California and trying to hype it up. This person who tested positive for Omicron came back from South Africa in late November and is now in quarantine.

Everyone who was near the person tested negative and all is well. It’s also worth noting the person who tested positive for Omicron was “fully vaccinated.”

It’s unclear whether or not the individual with Omicron had had his or her booster shot, but what is clear is we can’t trust a single thing Dr. Fauci or the Biden regime says.

These people change their story like a chameleon changes its skin; their constant lies and distortions about the vaccines are completely unacceptable.

They started by telling us how the vaccine would solve everything, then slowly shifted to admitting not only will the jab not solve anything, it won’t even necessarily save your life.

Get the Vax…Get COVID?

More and more people are fully vaccinated and suffering from COVID.

The only response from Biden and crew is to tell people to get endless booster shots. They have lied repeatedly and said previously that getting the vaccine would stop you from getting COVID.

Now, they won’t admit their mistake and tell people they should just keep doing what’s already not working. Where is the logic? These are the people who believe in science? Where’s the science?

Where is Biden’s Masterplan?

Biden came into office promising he had a special plan to help everyone and fix the problem of COVID. He said President Trump was lazy and incompetent and unlike Trump, he would take COVID seriously.

What he apparently meant by this is he would become an unpaid representative for Pfizer and just go on TV all the time, whining about the unvaxxed and conservatives.

Instead of his crusade to get people vaccinated and thereby stop COVID, things are worse than ever and Biden looks like a monumental idiot.

Now we’re supposed to believe we should shut everything down again because a new variant with a strange name has come along? The lies never stop with these left-wing extremists. Right now, it is time for all of us to put our foot down and say hell no.