Fauci Plays Victim Card, Responding to Accusations in Most Ridiculous Way

There was once a time when the White House’s top medical adviser Dr. Tony Fauci could do no wrong.

He was on every news show pontificating, lying, and saying things which made no sense.

Liberals bowed down to him, ready to give him their firstborn for medical experiments if necessary. They praised Fauci’s words as they shut down the American economy, traumatized entire generations of kids kept out of school, and benefited China. 

Now that’s changing, especially with the release of tens of thousands of Fauci’s emails. These emails show that Fauci covered up the origins of COVID, downplayed possible solutions, lied about masks. Now, the American people are waking up. 

As you can imagine Fauci is not happy about this at all; he’s been trying out a new strategy for defending himself and still trying to stay as the good guy.

Press Briefing on Arrival of Ebola Patient at NIH by NIAID is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Fauci: Criticism of Me is ‘An Attack on Science’

Appearing on MSNBC recently with deranged conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow, Fauci said that the criticism of his awful job on COVID actually “very much” constitutes an assault against science itself.

He went further, saying that people who question why he lied about the origin of COVID, ignored the healing potential of hydroxychloroquine, and more are part of “an anti-science approach.”

The hypocrisy is incredible! People asking questions and wanting to know the truth are “anti-science,” yet Fauci (who has changed what he says every two minutes and misled the nation for over a year) now is pro-science?

Are you kidding me?

It makes sense that Fauci would go whine to Maddow; she was one of the leading propagandists for the disproven Russia collusion witch hunt. Maddow is also a mentally unstable individual who always sides with progressives even when they’re flat-out wrong. 

In other words, she’s a soft target for Fauci’s victim act, which is part of a completely ridiculous dog-and-pony show he’s putting on to escape the blame he fully deserves. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Fauci deserves to be in the hot seat. Of course, Maddow said she feels sorry for him with her ridiculous, biased questions.

Fauci played the tough guy saying he’ll absorb “the slings and arrows” because it’s his duty to be out in public on this.

Later, saying he does care where the virus came from, Fauci said what bothers him is the “vehement way” that people are asking for answers. 

Again: are you kidding me?

Of course, people are vehement! Their lives have been shut down for over a year now and they found out that the news and medical authorities have been straight-up lying to them. 

They also want to know why America gave $800,000 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.