Fake Conservatives Fold and Vote with Pelosi for Big Spending Bill

Joe Biden and his regime have been trying hard to transform our country forever. They call it Build Back Better. In Europe, they call it the Great Reset. In the real America, we call it communist globalism.

Don’t let anyone accuse you of believing conspiracies or tell you it’s complicated. It’s actually very simple: a group of powerful businesses, media, and political elites around the world want to create high-tech slave states of poor people dependent on them for everything.

They want to end all freedom under the excuse of helping the environment and eventually take over every inch of our lives and beliefs. They’ve used COVID to advance this belief in many ways.

Also, just last night, the Democrats managed to push through part of Biden’s Build Back Better socialist agenda by passing a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

Isn’t Infrastructure Good?

Yes, infrastructure is good, and looking after America is great. However, this bill plays by the usual Democrat games. It isn’t what it says. Instead of actually focusing on rebuilding and improving our nation, the bill is littered with hundreds of woke policies.

This includes things about gender equity, pressuring people to drive electric cars, forcing our businesses to switch to green energy, and forcing states to decrease their CO2 emissions or be punished.

In other words, the bill is part of a communist, far-left takeover disguised as an infrastructure bill. Our senile president called it a “monumental step,” which should worry everyone.

It’s also highly ironic, considering Biden can’t take a step without crapping himself at the Vatican or falling down a flight of stairs boarding Air Force One.

RINO Traitors Jump on Board the Globalist Train

The bill already went through the Senate, passing comfortably in August by 69-30, along with 19 Republicans offering their support, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The House of Representatives additionally managed to get through a procedural vote a little after midnight to advance consideration of the Build Back Better Act.

One of the advantages of President Trump was he clearly called out globalist shills. Trump said who they were; he was also unapologetic about mocking and criticizing them, which they fully deserve.

This $1.2 trillion “infrastructure bill” unfortunately had 13 Republicans sign onto it, including Reps. Adam Kinzinger, Brian Fitzpatrick, Nicole Malliotakis, Don Bacon, Chris Smith, Fred Upton, Don Young, Jeff Van Drew, Andrew Garbarino, Tom Reed, John Katko, and Anthony Gonzalez.

These Republicans were important because, along with their Democrat friends, they managed to get the bill passed by 228-206. Now, Biden will authorize this bill and move us one step closer to communism.

The Bottom Line

Those who want to get popular with the Democrats or the woke media deserve to get primaried. All these fake Republicans aren’t worth the paper in their office. Vote them all out.