Facebook Censorship Reaches Insane New Level

Facebook is a giant spy ring full of progressive censorship.

If you read the news and whistleblower exposures, then you already knew that.

What you might not know is just how bad it’s getting.

Facebook employee whistleblower Morgan Kahmann leaked documents to Project Veritas that show the company’s policy to flag any comments which express “vaccine hesitancy” or any information which is negative about COVID vaccines. 

Kahmann has been suspended for his activity and went on Tucker Carlson recently to talk about it. 

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Why Did Kahmann Come Forward?

Kahmann says he came forward for a simple reason: it was the right thing to do and he needed to follow his “moral compass.”

Kahmann said that in his job at Facebook, he saw how the company was censoring comments and doing everything they could to hide “negative side effects” of the vaccine. They hid this because they believed it would increase suspicion and hesitancy among the public. 

“It’s not the right thing to do,” Kahmann said of Facebook suppressing information, adding that it’s “highly immoral.”

Compared to the danger Facebook could be putting people in by hiding information and different points of view on the vaccine, Kahmann said that any trouble he gets in for leaking to Project Veritas are not important to him. Instead, it’s much more important that he be able to live with himself. 

When he saw the opportunity to leak the documents which showed how Facebook’s algorithm suppresses any vaccine skeptical content, Kahmann said he had to share it, otherwise he “wouldn’t be able to live with [himself].”

It’s true that apart from crazy theories about the vaccine, there are many people with specific health conditions and concerns who need to be able to look up side effects and concerns.

Shutting that down and stopping their ability to use Facebook in an uncensored way or see posts is highly dangerous and reckless; not that Mark Zuckerberg and his Big Tech pals care.

How Much Trouble is Kahmann in?

A lot. He was taken out of his office by security and has been told that he’s suspended until a special meeting can take place. That meeting is no longer going to take place, meaning he’s basically in a grey zone while Facebook works out the paperwork to get him fired. 

Project Veritas’ release of this information definitely has Facebook freaked out; it shows just how specific, manipulative, and damaging their process is for shutting down discussions on vaccines. 

As Kahmann said, showing the kind of twisted things going on behind the scenes at Facebook isn’t just about his job, it’s about “everyone in the world.”

He said that at least 25% of fellow employees are not cool with what Facebook is doing either, but go along with it to save their jobs. 

Let’s all raise a toast to this brave young man for showing just how bad the censorship and lies are getting at Big Tech.